How to Choose the Right Exterior Window Style for Your Home?

by Kremy

Picking your exterior window design requires a lot of consideration because your choice significantly impacts your home’s look and how much you spend cooling and heating your space throughout the year. Selecting the right window style for your property can be daunting, considering the various designs available in the market. When choosing a window style, consider quality, costs, curb appeal, your inspiration, and security. Note that your style choice will also impact your overall home design. Here’s how to choose the right exterior window style.

Know your exterior window’s purpose

Exterior windows serve various purposes

Exterior windows serve various purposes in your home. You can use windows to control light, as additional protection from elements, provide extra privacy, add thermal insulation, reduce noise, increase energy efficiency, increase airflow, enhance curb appeal, increase home value, security, and more. Knowing your window’s role makes it easier to pick a suitable style.

Regardless of your window’s purpose, exterior plantation shutters would make a good choice. They have multiple customization options, including styles, materials, colors, and more, to help you achieve your needs and preferences.

Consider your home’s overall architectural style

exterior window design should suit your house architecture


Your home has a unique and specific architectural style that makes it stand out. The exterior window design you choose should suit your house’s architecture to ensure the designs don’t clash and affect your aesthetics. Double hang windows would be perfect if you wanted to complement your house’s exterior to establish a tall, grand appearance. Whether your home has a contemporary or modern design, adhering to it when choosing an exterior window style enhances home décor.

Choose the right window frame colors

Choose the right window frame colors

While there are many color options for your window frames, not all of them are suitable for your home. Depending on your home style and design you want, you can narrow down your window frame color choices. You should also consider the color palette that best suits your house. Warm colors, including yellow, red, orange, and brown, create a traditional feel.

Cool colors like green, purple, gray, and blue are ideal for a modern feel. Maintaining the same color palette throughout your home creates a coordinated look. While knowing whether you want a traditional or modern look can help you determine the right color for your window frame, you should also consider the color of the wall where the window is installed.

Consider your interiors

Choose the Right Exterior Window Style tips

While the appearance of your exterior windows is vital, their appeal and functionality can create a great experience inside your home. For example, consider designs that let in more light when choosing bedroom and bathroom windows while blocking the outside direct viewing angles.

Focus on the ventilation you need

tips to choose the right exterior window style for your home

A window’s primary role is to ventilate your space by enabling free air movement in and out of your house. Ensuring sufficient airflow can reduce your utility bill because you don’t have to rely on your AC to keep your space cool all the time. Operable windows are ideal when looking to meet your ventilation needs.

Consider the sun’s orientation

window with flowers and curtains

When designing your home with an architect, it’s essential to consider how it sits to the sun rising and setting. Assessing the orientation properly can help choose windows that enhance energy efficiency.


How to Choose the Right Exterior Window Style

Choosing a suitable exterior window style isn’t easy. Use these tips to choose the right exterior window style for your home.




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