Nail design for short nails: With these fall 2022 nail trends you can transform your short fingernails into real eye-catchers!

by Kremy

Beautiful fingernails ensure a well-groomed appearance and a pretty manicure is the icing on the cake of every good outfit. From intricate patterns to simple nail polish colors – the nail trends in fall 2022 are more versatile than ever and will certainly get you into a good mood. Long fingernails are always a great eye-catcher and the perfect canvas for artistic nail art. However, these are rather impractical for everyday life and short fingernails are very popular again this year. Have you also decided to wear your nails short? That doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring look. We can also get really creative with a cool nail design for short nails and experiment with a wide variety of techniques. Don’t believe us? Then read on and see for yourself how chic short fingernails can look. And the best? The following looks are not only extremely popular, but also totally uncomplicated, so you don’t need an appointment at the nail salon!

Nail design for short nails: Chrome nails as a nail trend in fall 2022

Chrome nails manicure trend fall 2022

Metallic nails, chrome nails, mirror nails, etc. – the nail trend in fall 2022 has several names and is undoubtedly one of our favorite looks for a cool nail design for short nails. The mirror effect literally lets our fingernails shine and immediately catches the eye. Chrome nails were already very popular years ago, but like many other fashion trends, they are making a huge comeback. There are now different nail polishes on the market with which we can easily achieve the metallic effect at home.

Metallic Nails Trend Fall 2022


Chrome nails as a nail trend in fall 2022 can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways and due to the huge selection of colors, the nail design is perfect for both summer and the cooler season. Whether Chrome French Nails for a simple look or rather in bright trendy colors like pink or orange – the nail design for short nails looks great and has already taken the fashion world and our hearts by storm.

Half moon nails for an elegant look

moon nails design short nails fall

With a cool nail design for short nails, we can reinvent ourselves creatively – without an appointment in the nail salon. Ever heard of Half-Moon Nails? If not, then it’s time to change that! The nail trend 2022 originally comes from the USA and is also known as “crescent nails”. The thing that makes the look so special are the little crescent moons that are painted on the bottom of the nail plate. The nail design is a playful and modern version of the classic French nails and is a real eye-catcher.

half moon nails trendy manicure

And the best? The manicure looks much more complicated than it actually is. And here’s a quick guide for DIY Half-Moon Nails yourself:

  • First shape the nails into the desired shape and apply a thin layer of base coat.
  • Now reverse the French Nails template and place it at the bottom of the nail.
  • Next, paint the top half of the nails with your choice of nail polish and allow to dry completely.
  • Remove the sticker and paint the crescent in a different nail polish color if you like. The nail design for short nails with two contrasting shades looks particularly beautiful and ensures a colorful and modern look.
  • Finally, seal with a top coat and voilà – it’s that easy to do half-moon nails as a nail trend!

Micro French Nails are the perfect nail design for short nails

Micro French Nails Trend Fall 2022

Simple, elegant and super versatile – French nails are a timeless classic and will probably never go out of style. The look is only for long fingernails? Not even close! In fact, French manicure is perfect for an elegant and simple nail design for short nails in the form of Micro French Nails. The nail strips are significantly thinner and the result is a very subtle but still chic manicure. Which colors you choose is purely a matter of taste and Micro French Nails look stunning in a wide variety of color combinations.

DIY Micro French Nails fall 2022 manicure trend

Also this nail design for short nails is very easy and perfect for all DIY enthusiasts. The nail trend Micro French Nails is so easy to do at home:

  • First shape the nails into the desired shape and apply a thin layer of base coat.
  • The Micro French Tips work best with a very fine brush, such as an eyeliner or lip brush.
  • Dip the brush into the nail polish color and carefully trace the edge of the nail as a thin line.
  • Let the nail design for short nails dry completely and seal it with a top coat.

Reverse French nails are trendy

Nails Trend 2022 DIY short nails ideas Reverse French manicure

Whether with embellishments, micro or deconstructed French nails – the classic is reinvented again and again every year and the nail trends in fall 2022 are no exception. Upside French or Reverse French Nails are our new favorite look when it comes to nail designs for short nails. The fine lines are drawn at the bottom of the nail instead of at the top, giving our hands a more interesting and playful look. Of course, they look pretty in the classic version, but the colored look makes a good impression and turns our short fingernails into great eye-catchers.

Minimalist nail art for short fingernails

short nails trends fall winter 2022 minimalist nail art

We admit it – complicated and detailed decorations are rather unsuitable as nail designs for short nails. However, the nail trends in fall 2022 are all about minimalism and minimalist nail art is ideal for making a subtle statement with our manicure. Fine details such as small hearts or dots look super classy and provide a cheerful dash of color. And if, like us, you are not very skilled, then you can use the usual nail stickers from the drugstore. Simply apply a top coat, stick on the stickers, fix and that’s it – you already have a modern nail design for short nails.

Nail design for short nails: the most beautiful looks for your next manicure

fall winter 2022 Nail design short nail trends

Deconstructed French Nails are THE nail trend for fall 2022

deconstructed french nails trend 2022 manicure design short nails

French manicure is also ideal as an elegant nail design for short nails

Fall Winter 2022 manicure design for short nails French Nails Trends

Small details give the look a playful touch

metallic nails decoration trend autumn 2022

Rhinestones instantly enhance even the simplest manicure

Metallic nails trend fall 2022 nail designs for short nails

Half-moon nails as a nail trend 2022 are a great eye-catcher

Upside French Nails Trends Fall 2022

Red and gold for the perfect fall manicure

reverse french nails trend autumn 2022

Minimalist nail art ensures a well-groomed appearance

Nail art trends autumn winter 2022

Polka dots continue to be very popular as nail designs and remain trendy

short nails trends fall 2022 Polka dots

Color blocking is fun and makes a statement

Nail Polish Color Trends Fall 2022

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