Nail Polish Trends 2022: Nautical nails are the coolest trend in late summer that you should try!

by Kremy

Even though it’s mid-August and summer is almost over, there’s still plenty of time to get a pretty and colorful manicure! From unusual and playful patterns to simple nail designs in nude colors – the summer nails 2022 are a lot of fun and are more versatile than they have been for a long time. But the fashion world keeps surprising us and just in time for late summer, a whole new nail trend is conquering social media and our hearts. Very elegant, feminine and a real eye-catcher – nautical nails are the new favorite of all fashion girls and make us dream of sun and beach. Whether classic in blue, nautical French nails or with simple striped patterns – here you will find the most beautiful summer nail designs that are undoubtedly worth imitating!

Nail Trend 2022: What Are Nautical Nails?

Nautical Nails Summer Nail Trend 2022 Do your own design

Striped T-shirts, shorts or romantic dresses – the maritime look has become an integral part of our summer outfits and now also adorns our fingernails. The nail trend 2022 features fabulous patterns and decorations associated with sea, beach, sailing swimming, sea life, etc. That pretty much explains it all, so let’s take inspiration from the beach for the pretty nail designs. What we love most about the style is that it gives us loads of scope to experiment.

Summer French Manicure Trends Nautical Theme Ideas


With nautical nails we are not limited to a specific look and every woman can interpret the trend in her own way. Whether classic beach motifs such as anchors, sails, shells or something more elegant like deconstructed French nails – anything you like is allowed and nautical nails always look great.

Blue nails nautical nail designs trend 2022

Solid blue nails are also trending and are a sleeker version of the nail trend. But no matter which nail design you choose, one thing is certain – nautical nails are fun and radiate cool beach vibes. Another huge benefit of the nail trend is that it works beautifully with absolutely any nail length. Depending on the desired pattern, nautical nails are perfect for both short and long nails.

Summer nails trends 2022

While colors like blue, red and white are the classic choice for the nautical look, feel free to experiment and use other nail polish colors. Soft pastel tones such as pink and light blue are wonderfully refreshing and add a romantic touch. Glitter would also be a great addition and literally make our fingernails shine.

DIY Nautical Nails: It’s That Easy

DIY Summer nail design ideas 2022 trends

The very best thing about nautical nails as a nail trend of 2022 is that you don’t need to book an appointment at the nail salon. In contrast to other nail designs, the look is super variable and therefore perfect for anyone who wants to paint their fingernails themselves. And here are quick instructions for this cool nautical look with striped patterns.

Materials needed:

  • Base Coat and Top Coat
  • Nail polish in white and blue or other colors of your choice
  • Glitter nail polish for the anchor
  • Thin nail brush
  • Fine stripes for the stripe pattern (optional)

DIY nautical nails directions:

  • First apply a thin layer of base and let it dry.
  • Paint the fingernails with the white nail polish and let it dry. For better results, apply 2 coats of color varnish.
  • For the nautical look, slowly and carefully paint on thin stripes with the blue nail polish.

DIY nail designs nautical trend summer 2022

  • If you are not very skilled, you can map thin strips of tape on the nail surface and paint the nails with the blue nail polish.
  • Remove the strips with tweezers while the nail polish is still wet.
  • Finally, paint the anchor with the glitter nail polish and let everything dry completely.
  • Then apply a top coat and voilà – it’s that easy to do nautical nails and follow the nail trend 2022.

Nautical Swirl Nails as a Nail Trend in Summer 2022

Swirl Nails trend 2022

Super simple, chic and a real eye-catcher – swirl patterns have been very popular for years and continue to be among the most beautiful summer nails of 2022. Especially in blue, the swirl pattern reminds us of the waves of the sea and is therefore a great interpretation of nautical nails as a nail trend 2022. It doesn’t matter whether it’s light blue, dark blue, sapphire or a mixture of several nuances – the main thing is blue and summery! And this is how easy it is to do swirl nails by yourself:

  • First paint the fingernails with a light shade of pink or base coat and let it dry.
  • Dip a toothpick lightly in the nail polish and use it to trace the swirl pattern to your heart’s content.
  • Once you are happy with the outline, paint in the lines with the nail polish or a thin nail brush.
  • Finally, seal the swirl nails with a top coat and you’re done!

Summer French Nails In Blue

2022 Deconstructed French Nails Summer Trend

French nails are THE classic and will probably never go out of fashion. However, this year they get a modern upgrade and look a lot cooler. If you like nautical nails as a nail trend, but anchors or starfish are not for you, then you would be in good hands with a blue French manicure. The nail design looks super refreshing and immediately makes us dream of the next beach vacation. Small accessories, such as sparkling pearls or rhinestones, give the French nails an additional touch of glamor.

Nautical Manicure Improve Everyone’s Mood

Glitter nail design summer nail trend 2022

Fine wave patterns, small shells and starfish and golden glitter nails like the sand on the beach – it couldn’t be more summery, right? Depending on the design, nautical nails can be either very elegant or a little more playful and girly as the nail trend for 2022. The sailor look immediately makes you want to go on vacation and brings that light beach feeling straight home. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and designs to create your own work of art.

Nail Trend 2022 Nautical Nails: The Most Beautiful Nail Designs Photos

summer manicure design ideas nail trends 2022

The Maritime Look Looks Great As a Summer Pedicure

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Anchors, Stripes and Dots Are Among the Most Popular Nail Designs

Summer manicure designs what are nautical nails 2022 trends

Nautical Nails Look Great On Short Nails As Well

short nails ideas nautical manicure trend

Deconstructed French Nails as a Nail Trend in Summer Improve Your Mood

Deconstructed French Nails Trend 2022 Summer

Nautical Nails Always Look Great

trendy manicure summer 2022

Maritime Nails in Pink for a Romantic Look

pink nautical nails summer 2022 trend

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