Summer Nails 2022: Deconstructed French Manicure is the coolest summer nail trend that we want to try!

by Kremy

Summer is in full swing and with it the time for bright colors, bold prints and airy looks. Beautiful and well-groomed hands are the hallmark of every woman and a chic manicure is the perfect way to give our outfits the finishing touch. Whether chequered nails, natural nude nails or elegant baby boomer nails – the summer nails 2022 are more exciting than ever before and immediately put you in a good mood! However, a new look has been spreading in the last few weeks, which immediately caught our attention. Really cool, chic and a great eye-catcher – deconstructed French manicure is THE nail trend in summer 2022 and has already taken social media and our hearts by storm!

Deconstructed French Manicure as a Nail Trend in Summer 2022

Pastel French Nails Trend Summer Nails 2022

In the summer months we all suddenly feel like bright and colorful nail designs and summer nail designs 2022 are really fun! While nail trends come and go each season, there are some tried-and-true classics that will stay with us forever.

Neon Nail Polish Color Trends Summer Nails 2022


Timeless, chic, noble and very feminine – we all know and love the classic French manicure. Whether with glitter, in pastel colors or colorful patterns – the nail design is now available in all imaginable variations and is always a great eye-catcher.

what is deconstructed french manicure nail trends summer 2022

For this year, the popular French manicure has been given a delightfully fresh and chic upgrade. Perfectly drawn white lines are officially a thing of the past as deconstructed French Manicure is being hailed as summer’s biggest nail trend, and with good reason.

are French Nails in Trend Summer nail art 2022

What exactly is deconstructed French Manicure? Actually anything you can think of and there are no specific rules as to what the nail design should look like.

It’s so Easy to Do the Nail Design at Home

Summer Nails Trends 2022 Deconstructed French manicure ideas

Why we love deconstructed French manicure as nail trend 2022? Even if you are not skilled at all, you can easily create the cheerful look at home without much effort. Whether in asymmetrical lines, as an outline, with glitter or playful patterns – let your imagination run wild and create your own works of art. Depending on whether you have short or long nails, you can experiment with a wide variety of shapes. The main thing is that you have fun!

Nail design ideas in pastel colors

This is how quickly you can do the deconstructed French manicure:

  • First file the nails and shape them into the desired shape.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry.
  • And now the fun begins! Take your favorite colors and use them to draw, for example, finely curved lines that run slightly to the side from the tip of the nail. Or why not make the French tips asymmetrical? And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, then use multiple colors for an extremely fun and happy nail design.
  • If you are satisfied with the result, apply a transparent top coat and your chic deconstructed French manicure is ready!

Deconstructed French Manicure in Pastel Shades for an Elegant Look

Summer nails 2022 trends French with glitter

Sky blue, soft pink, lavender, green, etc. – soft pastel colors are simply part of summer and our wardrobe would be unimaginable without them. The shades are real mood lifters and a great way to give deconstructed French manicure a summery touch.

french manicure ideas deconstructed french nails nail trend summer

The result is a feminine, practical and subtle manicure that immediately catches the eye. Depending on your mood, you can complement the look with other details, such as dots or small stars. The base can also be transparent, milky or nude.

Nail trend 2022: French Swirl Nails

Deconstructed French Nails Manicure Summer 2022 Trends

Colorful and bold color combinations are very popular this summer. Do you love experimenting with your looks? So why not combine two of the biggest nail trends of 2022 in a unique nail design that will surely catch the eye. Deconstructed French Manicure and swirl nails are currently conquering the hearts of all fashion girls and literally make our hands shine.

Nails in almond shape trend 2022 deconstructed french manicure summer

The same applies here – anything you like is allowed. The easiest way to draw the wavy lines is with a fine nail polish brush. Whether narrow, wide, monochrome or as rainbow nails – let off the steam and create your own works of art.

Elegant Wedding Nails

DIY wedding nail design Deconstructed French Manicure Nail Trend 2022

The wedding dress is already in the closet and you have already decided on the make-up? Now all that’s missing is the right nail design, which completes your wedding look. Do you find the classic French manicure rather boring? Then you would be in good hands with deconstructed French nails! Due to the curved lines and different shapes, the look is very modern and provides an exciting and interesting touch.




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