Hairstyle trend 2022: Botticelli Waves are THE ultimate summer hairstyle to show off your long hair!

by Kremy

Just like in the world of fashion, there are plenty of new trends in hairstyles and hairstyling that are just waiting for us to try them out. Choppy bob, pixie, bixie, etc. – short hairstyles are more popular this year than ever before, we all know that. A short haircut feels wonderfully light in summer, but long hair always radiates a very special elegance. A well-groomed, long hair looks very elegant and can also be styled in a wide variety of ways. If you prefer to wear your super long mane in waves, then we have the perfect hairstyle trend for you! Forget beach waves! Romantic, playful and feminine – Botticelli waves are THE hairstyle trend in summer 2022 and the new favorite of all fashionistas!

What Are Botticelli Waves as a Hairstyle Trend 2022

Botticelli Waves hairstyle 2022 curls trends summer

Straight hair was yesterday! Curly hairstyles are making a big comeback this year and always make for a cool, playful look. Natural and casual beach waves have long been one of the biggest hairstyle trends and are an absolute hit for the summer months. However, the classic has plenty of competition this season. After all, a bit of variety now and then wouldn’t be bad, would it?

Curly Hairstyles for long hair summer hair trend Botticelli Waves


Botticelli waves are hailed as the hairstyle trend of summer 2022 and are a great way to show off our long hair. What makes the hairstyle special are the small waves, which appear much more defined and lighter and thus exude a romantic flair.

Summer 2022 hair trends Botticelli Waves curly hairstyles

Does the name Botticelli sound familiar to you? Rightly so – the playful waves are based on the famous painting “The Birth of Venus” by the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli. The painting is undoubtedly one of the most iconic works in art history that everyone should know about, and more than 500 years later, Venus is making waves (no pun intended) on the red carpet and social media. The trendy curly hairstyle was coined by the world-famous celebrity hairdresser Tom Smith and has become the absolute favorite look of numerous stars, including Sophie Turner, Kaia Gerber and Jennifer Lopez.

What Is the Difference Between Beach Waves and Botticelli Waves?

Jennifer Lopez Botticelli Waves Hairstyle 2022 Trends

Beach waves and Botticelli waves are trendy hairstyles for chic summer look – that’s for sure. But what is the difference between the two looks? Slightly tousled, wild curls are typical of beach waves, which provide a rather casual appearance. Botticelli waves, on the other hand, look much more defined and elegant and the curls are closer together than with beach waves. Since smaller strands are styled into waves, Botticelli waves make our hair look thicker and livelier.

This Is How You Can Achieve the Curly Hairstyle without Heating Tools

Botticelli Waves Hairstyles Trend Summer 2022 curly hairstyles without heat

Why do we love the Botticelli Waves hairstyle trend? The fine waves add a touch of glamor and are super easy and uncomplicated to style. Gorgeous curls without using heating tools? Sounds like the perfect hairstyle for summer, right? Especially women with curly or slightly wavy hair can manage the look quite easily.

Curly Hairstyles for long hair Hairstyle Summer 2022 Trend

And this is how easy it is to style Botticelli waves:

  • After showering, divide your hair into several sections and braid the strands into small braids. The following applies – the smaller the braids, the more defined the waves appear.
  • Let the braids dry overnight and untie them the next morning.
  • Then loosen up the curls with your fingers, fix with a little hairspray and voilà – it’s that easy to create romantic Botticelli waves!

How to Style Botticelli Waves with a Curling Iron or Wave Iron?

Botticelli Waves Hairstyle Trend Summer 2022 how to do curls without heat

No-heat curls don’t work for you? Or do you need a quick and elegant wedding guest hairstyle? Botticelli waves can also be styled quickly and easily with a curling iron or wave iron. With a wave iron, individual strands are clamped between rounded heating rods, resulting in beautifully defined and romantic waves.

Hairstyles for long hair Botticelli Waves

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