Curly Hairstyles: These Haircuts for Curly Hair Will Put Your Wild Mane In The Spotlight!

by Kremy

All curly-haired girls are envied for their wild and gorgeous mane, and with good reason. Yes – curly hair is fascinating and looks fantastic, but unfortunately it is not as easy to manage as straight hair. Often the curls do what they want and finding a haircut that will shape them up can sometimes be a real challenge. Hairstyle trends are a dime a dozen, but not all are suitable for curly hair. The next hairdressing appointment is just around the corner and you are looking for the most beautiful curly hairstyles? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether pixie, bob, layered cut or even with bangs – with these looks you will put your hair in the spotlight. And as a bonus we will show some festive hairstyles for curly hair!

These Are the Most Beautiful Curly Hairstyles for Every Hair Length

curly hairstyles trends 2022 Layered cut for curly hair

It doesn’t matter whether you have natural curls, have conjured up gentle beach waves with a curling iron or flat iron, or have dared a perm – curly hairstyles are all the rage and bring plenty of dynamic and momentum to your hair. In order to optimally stage your mane and emphasize your facial features, the cut should be tailored to the hair type and your own taste. Curly hairstyles that give the hair a certain structure and lightness are particularly recommended. Here’s a little tip – to make sure that the end result isn’t too short and to avoid nasty surprises, always cut curly hair when it’s dry and let the professionals do the job.

Bob Hairstyles for Curly Hair

what are the trendy curly hairstyles


Short hairstyles are not suitable for naturally curly hair? But we see it differently! In fact, a short haircut provides a special, modern twist and feels wonderfully light and refreshing, especially in summer. We all know and love the good old Bob. Whether layered, asymmetrical, with bangs or undercut –  the timeless classic with all its variations is constantly being reinvented and is once again one of the biggest hairstyle trends for 2022.

curly hairstyles trends Short hairstyles for curly hair

Bob hairstyles for curly hair, also known as curly bobs, are very popular this summer and are ideal for giving our curly mane a lively touch. The best? Since you can’t get your hair in perfect shape anyway, you don’t have to worry about styling. For a rebellious and modern look, combine the curly hairstyle with bangs.

Short Curly Hairstyles: The Curly Pixie Cut as a Hairstyle Trend for 2022

Curly Hairstyles Trends 2022 Short Hairstyles for curly hair

Rebellious, wild and a great eye-catcher – pixie cut hairstyles 2022 are more versatile than ever and always look wonderful. Are you in the mood for a radical change or would you like to give your short hairstyle a special touch? Especially with very short hair, the curly pixie cut is one of the most beautiful and flattering curly hairstyles there is. The trendy hairstyle is available in a wide variety of variations and can be perfectly adapted to every face type and taste.

Curly pixie cut trendy hairstyle summer 2022

Since the short hairstyle for curly hair visually stretches the face and makes it appear narrower, the curly pixie cut is the perfect choice for women with oval or heart-shaped faces. And if the classic, very short cut is too bold for you, the trendy long pixie cut is the best choice. Or why not combine two of the most popular hairstyle trends in summer 2022 and opt for a pixie with an undercut? The haircut requires a little courage, but is still a real eye-catcher.

Layered Cut for Curly Hair

Bob Hairstyles medium length

No matter whether curly hairstyles for short or long hair – you can’t go wrong with a layered cut. The so-called “layered curls” as a trendy hairstyle in summer 2022 guarantees an unmistakable, cool look and make our mane look much livelier. The multiple levels are ideal for giving more lightness and dynamism to thick and curly hair. Feel free to experiment with the levels until you find the look that flatters your features in the best way.

Bangs for Curly Hair?

 hairstyle summer 2022 trend Curly hairstyles with bangs

One day it is perfect and the next we can’t get it into shape – bangs is a true love-hate relationship. Girls with naturally curly hair are often unsure whether curly hairstyles with bangs look too funny. But we’re here to put your mind at ease. There are actually a lot of trendy hairstyles that look even better and cooler with natural curls and bangs. Just think of the wolf cut, the shag cut or the mullet hairstyle – the rebellious retro hairstyles are socially acceptable again and look fantastically beautiful. Curly hairstyles with bangs are in trend and exude an indescribably cool nonchalance.

Ideas for Festive Hairstyles for Curly Hair

festive updos for curly hair

Curly girls often tend to wear their hair the same way over and over again. A bit of variety now and then wouldn’t be bad, would it? Whether it’s for an official event or everyday, there are plenty of cool, festive hairstyles for curly hair that are sure to turn heads. For example, how about a messy bun for a playful look? Or would you prefer a curly chignon as a wedding guest hairstyle?

festive hairstyles for curly hair

Classic half-up styles also look wonderful with curly hair and are ideal for keeping your hair out of your face in summer. Just like a bold lipstick instantly transforms our look, festive hairstyles for curly hair do the same to our mane. As a rule, all updos for straight hair also work well with curly hair and there are absolutely no limits to your imagination.

festive updos curly hair ideas

Messy buns, braids, updos, etc. – depending on the length of your hair, you have a wide variety of festive hairstyles for curly hair to choose from. For a longer hold and to keep your hair in place, don’t forget to use hairspray. Bandanas and scarves in all imaginable colors and patterns are very trendy this summer and an easy way to turn even the simplest updo into a real eye-catcher. It is particularly beautiful when the hair accessories complement the rest of the outfit in terms of color.

quick updos for curly hair


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