Short Hairstyles 2022 – What are the Latest Trends?

by Kremy

With spring often comes the desire for change. Are you attracted to shorter hair or a new cut, but you don’t know what is trendy and what care short hair requires? Your hairdresser will always give you the best advice, but we also have some tips for you on short hairstyles 2022!

Stylish Hairstyles for Short Hair 2022

Short Hairstyles 2022 the Latest Trends

Fashionistas choose a short haircut for many reasons, the main of which are that short hair makes them look younger, more modern and it need less care than medium or long hair. The advantages and disadvantages of short hair are undeniable and well known. Short fashion is constantly being improved and is gradually replacing medium and even longer hair.

trendy hairstyles for short hair 2022


The variety of trendy hairstyles for short hair 2022, will be enough for women of any age to choose that option for the new season that will fully satisfy her needs, interests or life goals. Women should choose their short haircut because it distinguishes her from the rest. A haircut for a woman is an effective tool with which she can radically change her attitude towards herself. A stylish haircut will allow you to express yourself, emphasize the best details of your face and accent on your individuality and attractive appearance.

Short Hairstyles 2022 – What are the Main Trends?

Short Hairstyles 2022 What are the Main Trends

Short hairstyles for Spring Summer 2022 are inspired by the retro mood, experiments with cuts, as well as the natural beauty of hair. Bangs are a separate fashion trend.

Hairstyles for Short Hair 2022 – Pixie

Hairstyles for Short Hair 2022 Pixie

Do you long for a big change? Get a really short haircut ! You don’t have to worry that the trendy pixie cut will take away your femininity or elegance, on the contrary. This cut has many varieties, so every woman will find a styling that will highlight her strengths and divert attention from minor imperfections.

You will immediately recognize this short hairstyle by the very short hair in the neck and on the sides. The top and the bangs can be of any length. Thanks to the longer front and shorter back, this cut is very easy to adjust. Pixie haircut is suitable for a lady of any age and with almost any face, even regardless of the hair structure, it is universal and, as a result, very popular.

Short Haircut Trends 2022 – Vintage Hairstyle

Short Haircut 2022 Vintage Hairstyle

The vintage hairstyle, which is gaining popularity and in its most varied design, will appeal to many modern ladies who love style and elements of antiquity.

For this short hairstyle, several options are growing on popularity, but it will suit almost any short hair. You need to take into account that short haircuts need constant care styling. For example, 1930’s hairdos are a great choice for a glamorous and feminine style while pin-up style is elegant and sexy.

Short Bob

short bob hairstyle 2022 trends

All types of bob are in fashion – textured, classic, layered bob, etc. This is a delicate and elegant haircut and adds to femininity. It can be without bangs or with decoratively or asymmetrically cut bangs.  There are so many beautiful short bob haircut ideas that you can hardly expect any shortage of new ideas from fashion designers and stylists.

Asymmetrical Haircuts

Trendy Asymmetrical Haircuts

There are so many options for short asymmetrical haircuts that we will not even list them, but let’s just say that it suits women of all age categories. Asymmetry is beautiful because it is applicable for different hair lengths, with it you can create a beautiful styling for long, medium hair and short hair.


Short haircuts 2022 stylish undercuts

Short haircuts 2022 include stylish undercuts as well. If you’re looking to be bold, this is the choice for you.

Short Hair with Long Side Bangs

Short Hair with Long Side Bangs

This modern short haircut is one of the easiest ways to style short hair. It looks graceful and intriguing. The long side bangs provides an elegant look to your hair. It can be a pixie with long side bangs or a short (textured) bob with side bangs.



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