Hairstyles for Damaged Hair – Creative Ways to Look Great

by Kremy

We put our hair through a lot. It’s pulled in so many different directions every day as we attempt to make ourselves presentable to leave the house so sooner or later we need some hairstyles for damaged hair ideas. There’s no doubt, styling your hair can really lift your confidence and make you ready to take on the day! If you’re looking for some new inspiration for your morning hairstyling routine, check out our article on trendy shoulder length hairstyles, which can be adapted to suit longer hairstyles too.

Hairstyles for Damaged Hair Ideas

However, hot tools and hair dyes can have some consequences for our hair. Hair damage is a common problem and can leave us unhappier with our hair than we were in the first place. Prevention is key! Go easy on your hair and try only using a hot tool once or twice a week. Or alternatively, take an extended break to restore your hair to its natural quality. We will be looking into some great tips and heatless hairstyles to protect damaged hair.

Pre-Styling Damaged Hair for Heatless Hairstyles

Pre Styling Damaged Hair


Before styling your damaged hair, ensure you give it a little extra nourishment to prevent any further damage. Consider a hydrating hair mask which is sure to disguise some of the damage. Many salon masks are so expensive. If you’re looking for an effective hair treatment, look no further than your own kitchen. Check out this informative article on homemade masks for damaged hair which are guaranteed to have a positive effect on your hair and be easy on your wallet!

If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to let a mask soak, spread some serum throughout the hair before you begin your style. Avoid the roots, as you don’t want them to look greasy. Brush your hair well before styling to get smoother looking hair.
Perhaps your hair is brittle from overbleaching. It could be time to ditch the blonde and go back to your roots. If you’re wondering on how best to approach this, Schwarzkopf’s guide on how to go back to your natural hair color is a must. Who says blondes have more fun anyway? People with their natural hair color have fun too!

Hairstyles for Damaged Hair  – Sleek Bun

High Bun Easy Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

A sleek low bun is the ultimate sophisticated and simple hair style. Part your hair in the middle and put your hair behind your ears. Smooth down your hair using a hairbrush to ensure there are no bumps. Gather your hair at the back and twist your hair into a low bun and secure it with a hair tie.

Messy Bun

easy hairstyle for damaged hair

A messy bun looks so carefree and put together at the same time. Tie your hair up into a high slicked back ponytail. Begin to twist your hair around where your hair is secured and secure it with bobby pins. Continue to do this until you have a loose donut bun. Pull some strands loose to frame your face for a soft pretty look.

Half up Half Down

A half up half down hairstyle is great if you want to have your hair flowing around your shoulders but out of your face. Simply section your hair at your eyes and tie up the top half into a small ponytail. This hairstyle looks great with some fun accessories if you are looking to distract from hair damage!


hairstyle ideas for damaged hair braids

A simple braid is a chic option to protect your hair from hair damage. Section your hair into three sections and get to work on your braid. If you are one of the lucky few who can manage to do a French braid on yourself, then opt for this for sure!
We hope this article has motivated you to try heatless hairstyles and protect your hair from further damage in the future. If you notice that your hair looks thinner following damage, ensure that you read our useful tips on how to prevent hair loss and keep your hair looking full and healthy!

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