Steampunk in Interior Design – The Style of Bold and Unordinary People

by Kremy

Steampunk in interior design is, undoubtedly, impressive. Yes, it is not the most popular decor concept, it looks unusual, even weird, yet no one can deny its character and originality. The steampunk style in the interior is the choice of the bold. This design cannot be called calm or neutral but if you are ready to bring your wildest ideas to life this is your style!

Steampunk in Interior Design The Style of Bold People

What is steampunk and how it originated? Steampunk is the epitome of science fiction. The style is inspired by the Industrial Revolution of 1885 in the Victorian era of the British Empire and the books of Jules Verne and HG Wells.

Steampunk style in the interior personifies an alternative reality in which the historical past and the unattainable future coexist. This retro-futuristic style reflects the Victorian era and the development of steam technology.

What are the Main Features of Steampunk in Interior Design?

Main Features of Steampunk in Interior Design


The name of the style comes from the word steam and the various mechanisms of the Industrial Revolution – steam engines, pipes, etc. Visually, one can hardly confuse Steampunk with other interior styles, although there are many elements that are present in Industrial decor. So, what are the main features of Steampunk in interior design?

  • The presence of elements of steam mechanisms in the decor – these can be real interior details or images on wallpaper, posters and paintings;
  • Stylized household appliances, furnishings and decor – homemade shelves made of pipes and brushed wood, tables with old metal base, unusual fronts decorated with gears, etc.

Decor and accessories in steampunk living room

  • Natural materials
  • Original lighting fixtures. Modern lamps and chandeliers are not suitable for decorating a steampunk interior; they are replaced with unusual sconces, lamps and floor lamps that can be styled independently.
  • Original decor – Old maps and globes, typewriters, old faded maps, compasses, etc.

How to Steampunk Your Home?

how to steampunk your home

If you are a fan of science fiction, then Steampunk is your style! Such an interior is a small isolated world in which creative extraordinary personalities will feel comfortable. To create an authentic steampunk design, requires some knowledge, but nothing is impossible and we shall help you with some ideas.

Finishing and Materials

What is steampunk style


Look at raw and rough materials. Wood, metal, cast iron, brass, bronze, copper, glass, stone, ceramic tiles, leather and natural fabrics are the main materials used for decorating rooms in steampunk style. Yu can also see exposed bricks and tiles imitating natural stone. All this will emphasize very well the steampunk mood of your interior.

The walls in this style are often finished with wood, plaster, paint, photo wallpapers in the steampunk style or brickwork. Brick walls can be left as is, without finishing. The ceiling is whitewashed, painted, sheathed with wood.

Floor – keep in mind that this is the darkest surface of a steampunk home. Any of the standard flooring options – ceramic tiles, hardwood, parquet or laminate – can be used.

Color Schemes for Steampunk Interior Design

steampunk style in interior design colors materials furniture

Color schemes for Steampunk interior design are based on restrained tones – from light cream to red-brown and black. Getting into such an apartment should create the feeling of being in an old abandoned factory. Shades of metal are often used to refresh the overall darker palette – copper, silver, brass, bronze and gold. Heavy metallic colors can be diluted with smoky blue, green, blue, indigo and light gray shades. Oxidized or rusty metal is also good as an accent.

Steampunk Furniture

steampunk decor ideas home interior design

Furniture should be of high quality, solid, expensive-looking and noble. It is preferable to choose dark shades of wood. Books and bookshelves give the room a special flavor. Chests, boxes and open shelves are also used for storing things.

Victorian or Colonial style will organically fit into the steampunk interior. A Chesterfield leather sofa, large comfortable capitonne chairs, an old chest of drawers, a secretaire, etc. will turn an ordinary home into a work of art.

leather sofa floor lamps wooden coffee table

The abundance of leather in furniture upholstery will help recreate the aesthetics of the steam era. As a coffee table, you can use a massive retro chest or a suitcase with an abundance of metal locks.

Steampunk furniture cannot be bought in a regular store, you have to either make it yourself or look in specialized stores. In most cases, steampunk interior items have already been in use, they are restored, decorated and reused.


lighting fixtures in steampunk style furniture and decor

If the Steampunk movement is often associated with dark colors and low light, the lighting fixtures in your interior must be carefully chosen. The decor would not be complete without original lamps. At the same time, the suitable lighting fixtures are diametrically opposite in appearance, but they look equally good. You can opt for either eye catching Victorian chandeliers with a lot of metal and glass in the design or Industrial table lamps, sconces or floor lamps. Vintage forged lamps with voluminous lampshades or Edison bulbs are perfect for the style.

Decor and Accessories

exposed elements of mechanisms in the decor

In modern times it is not so easy to find suitable and unusual objects. But in many workshops, such items can be ordered. You can also look for something interesting on steampunk fans sites. To make modern household appliances look more authentic into such an interior, you can repaint them in a copper color or enclose them in a wooden case.

Black and white photographs and paintings in metal frames, original panels made of gears, pipes and chains as well as other futuristic DIY crafts will become an excellent decoration.

original furniture steampunk home interiors

Travel is another stylistic direction in steampunk. Airplanes and submarines are important symbols of technological development and adventure. Do not forget about old maps of the world, a globe, suitcases, blueprints, as well as a telescope and a compass, which will bring the spirit of travel to your interior.

Also pay attention to old typewriters. They can be displayed on a metal shelving or, as an option, become an original decor for the console table.

Massive clocks with Roman numerals and an open mechanism are also suitable decorative elements.


Color schemes for Steampunk interior design

spectacular steampunk interior designs

Steampunk furniture original decor ideas

steampunk interior design ideas materials decor ideas

steampunk style open plan living space kitchen ideas


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