How to Upcycle Tin Cans and Give Them a New Life – 5 Creative Ideas

by Kremy

There are so many different things that at first glance seem unnecessary. But if you take a closer look at them, it becomes clear that they can be given a second life. Do you throw away tin cans! Well, you can make a lot of useful and beautiful things for your home and garden and we shall give you 5 super easy ideas how to upcycle tin cans.

5 Creative Ideas How to Upcycle Tin Cans and Give Them a New Life

The greatest thing about tin cans is that you can use them for numerous craft projects and all you need is a bit of inspiration and the simplest materials like craft paper or wallpaper remnants, acrylic paints, a drill, hot glue gun, pieces of fabric, ribbon, beads, lace, old buttons, etc.

How to Upcycle Tin Cans and Turn Them into Candle Holders or Lanterns

How to Upcycle Tin Cans DIY Candle Holders Lanterns


Candles radiate the magic of fire, but original candle holders create a particularly magical, mysterious and exciting atmosphere. Nowadays candle holders are not so much functional but a decorative item in the design of space.

DIY original home decor tin cans crafts ideas

There are many ways to transform an old tin can into a beautiful candle holder. How to do that? You can y choose the simplest design and just drill holes in the cans, creating a certain pattern. You can paint them with acrylic paint in different colors and add bright accents to your room or garden.

DIY Tin Can Flower Pots – An Easy Craft Project for Kids and Adults

Tin Can Flower Pots An Easy Craft Project for Kids and Adults

Fresh flowers are a real decoration of any room. For growing plants, various flowerpots of different shapes and sizes are used. They can be bought at the but if you wonder how to upcycle tin cans, turn them into pots for flowers or plants. You can even design a mini herb garden in the kitchen. How cool is that!

DIY Super Cool Tin Can Storage Containers and Organizers

DIY Tin Can Storage Containers and Organizers

Tin cans are great for storing a variety of small items such as kitchen utensils, toys, stationery, office supplies, etc. They are easily decorated using different techniques and look aesthetically pleasing. Tin can organizers can be placed either separately or grouped together fixed on a plank, hot glued to one another or on a flat surface.

How to Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder

How to Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder

Our garden can bring us pleasure all year round. Even in winter we are happy to watch birds and enjoy their chirping. Birds help trees stay healthy during this period by destroying insects and pests, so it is very important to attract birds to our garden plot. How to attract the birds? Provide them with food. In winter it is difficult for birds to get food, and you can help them escape the cold and hunger. Making a tin can bird feeder is not difficult at all.

Transform Tin Cans into Beautiful Vases

Transform Tin Cans into Beautiful Vases

To give a new life to your tin cans new you can transform them into beautiful vases. Paint them with spray paint and decorate them with ribbons and washi tape. If you prefer a vintage look, use burlap, twine and old jewelry or broken brooches. Tin can vases can be a great DIY table centerpiece for any festive occasion as well.


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