Creative and original ideas to repurpose and upcycle old drawers

by Kremy

Creative and original ideas to repurpose and upcycle old drawers

How to repurpose and upcycle old drawers? Where does your old furniture go after you buy new pieces? To the garage? To the attic? Even if your old chest of drawers, desk or kitchen cabinets, served you for decades, sooner or later its life expires. Very often the outer parts of furniture pieces get damaged but the drawers are still in excellent condition, so you can start an interesting project and give them a new life!

Why use these old wooden drawers and not throw them away? On the first place, wood is an excellent material. It has a huge number of advantages and can be used in many decor styles – primitive, rustic, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Shabby chic, Bohemian, etc. Another plus is the fact that you can use old wood both indoors and outdoors. If you are not sure what to do, we shall help you with creative ideas to remodel your vintage drawers.

repurpose and upcycle old drawers wall shelves ideas


When you want to repurpose old drawers there are some simple steps to follow .Take a close look at old cabinets and chests of drawers that you have been planning to throw away from your apartment for a long time. Think of the drawers as a real flea market find! When the furniture is still strong, it deserves to get a chance for a new life. All you need is a little imagination, a free weekend and some basic skills.

Before starting an upcycling project, you need to carefully examine the drawers and the entire piece of furniture, whether it is a chest, a cabinet, an old desk, etc. This examination will show you which parts of the furniture piece can be used. Depending on your DIY project, you may need not only the drawers but legs, fittings, even some well-preserved wood from the top or sides. Check for integrity of surfaces and joints. Clean from dust and dirt, and, if necessary, paint the drawers. If you like the shape and material of the handles, you can leave them as an additional decorative accent or paint them.

Sure creative ideas to repurpose and upcycle old drawers

cutlery organizer creative and original ideas to repurpose old drawers

You will see that there are a lot of creative ideas for repurposing vintage furniture pieces. When you upcycle old drawers you can make original and functional interior elements. In addition, such projects allow you to use your favorite items for a few more years, which is great, right? So what can you do from vintage drawers and how can you do it? Small drawers are ideal for decorating the interior while medium and large ones can be transformed to additional storage space, a pet bed, bookshelves, etc. There is no limit to imagination – from vertical herb garden or an original side table for the patio to an adorable coffee table or an open shelf, there are many DIY ideas to choose from!

DIY jewelry box or organizer

DIY jewelry organizer ideas how to upcycle old drawers

Ladies know quite too well how irritating and annoying it can be trying to find a pair of earrings or your favorite chain, especially when you are in a hurry early in the morning. Chains are often entangled and it drives you mad as you haven’t got the time to disentangle them! Well, here is an easy solution for this problem – upcycle old drawers and turn them into jewelry boxes or organizers!

Old drawers as a cosmetic shelf in the bathroom

bathroom wall shelves from old drawers upcycling ideas

Vintage drawers are the ideal shelves for the bathroom. You can store makeup, perfumes, essential oils, bath salts, small decorative accessories like vintage jars and bottles, seashells, etc. Keep in mind that wood is susceptible to moisture damage, so you need to paint your shelves with acrylic paint or treat the wood with special sealing products.

Old drawers as an original coffee table or bar cart

DIY coffee table side table ideas

An original bar-cart on wheels is a very practical piece of furniture. Such a piece can be used outdoor as well and help you serve cocktails to your friends on a summer afternoon. A vintage drawer can be repurposed and transformed into a coffee table for your living room. It will be a not only an eye catching accent but a conversational piece that adds character and individuality to your interior design. It is up to you to decide whether you want a small or large coffee table. For a small one you will need one or two old drawers and a glass or wooden top. For a larger model, you can fix together four (or more) drawers.

DIY shelves from old drawers

original wall shelves home decor ideas DIY projects

Shelves come in a variety of designs, they may perform different functions, but the main goal is to provide extra storage space for your needs.

A very simple and practical way to use old drawers is to make a bookshelf. You can use such a shelf in the nursery room and fix the shelves to the wall at a height convenient for your child. If the drawers are too deep, you can cut them. In this way, you will provide additional storage space for books, toys, etc. and the child will have easy access to all that he needs. No more clutter and mess in the kids’ room!

Display wall shelves are another creative way to repurpose and upcycle old drawers. You can position several drawers next to each other or at a distance to add a dynamic feeling. When creating a composition, elements can be rotated in different directions. In this case, each element is fixed to the wall separately with durable brackets. If you prefer a freestanding model, a ladder will help you make an original shelf. You can paint the shelves in a preferred color, decorate the back with wallpaper remnants or vintage maps, depending on the overall décor of the room. If you prefer paint, make sure you treat the surface with sandpaper, clean inside and out before applying primer and color. In case you prefer a more natural wood look, get a suitable product to stain the wood.

Repurpose old drawers – under bed storage

under bed storage ideas old drawers on wheels

Why not optimize the storage space in your home? Transforming vintage drawers into under bed storage is a gear DIY project which you can complete in a weekend. Clean and paint the drawers, add wheels and there you are – you have a ton of space for books, toys, shoes, etc. This is a great idea for small bedrooms and children’s rooms. Just get some transparent organizers and place them in the drawers so that your children can gather their toys neatly.

How to make a pet bed?

diy pet bed recycled drawer dog bed ideas

Another super easy and creative DIY project is to use a drawer and make a pet bed. It will be a cozy place for your cat or dog and will cost you nothing. All you need is to put a pillow inside an old drawer.

DIY Serving tray

Old drawer ideas home decor rustic accessories serving tray

Small lightweight furniture drawers are ideal for serving trays. If you invited friends and want to impress them, this is the right DIY project for you. Arrange the table with an elegant tablecloth, dishes and suitable cutlery, place your original serving tray and serve snacks and drinks. Of course, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the drawer from dirt, old paint, sand the surface and coat with eco-friendly water-based paints.

Repurpose and upcycle old drawers – DIY board for notes

Wine cork board upcycle old drawers and furniture ideas

This is another excellent idea to upcycle an old drawer. You can simply apply a coat of Black Matt Chalkboard paint and your new board for notes is ready. If you prefer a custom design, you can glue wine cork and pin your notes, shopping list or menu plans on the board.

Old drawers as plant containers for your balcony or garden

Old drawer garden decoration ideas re use vintage furniture

Who says that you can plant your flowers and plants only in conventional flowerpots? For example, if you use some pretty old drawers, your garden decoration will definitely be more interesting. Such cute planters will be an eye catching accent for your outdoor space. Coat your old furniture with paint suitable for outdoor use, so that you can protect it from the weather. And of course you should also drill a few holes for the drainage in the soil. Plant herbs or blooming flowers and add tons of charm to your patio or balcony!




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