Black bedding – The perfect decoration for modern bedroom interiors

by Kremy

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Black bedding is no longer considered as something extraordinary and extravagant. It surely found its place in modern interiors and is the choice of confident people who have no prejudices and are original in everything. Black sheets emphasize the style, courage and taste of the homeowner.

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Black color looks luxurious and stylish, extravagant and expensive. Contrary to popular belief, it does not interfere with falling asleep, but rather promotes relaxation, as it is associated with the darkness of the night. It is proved that dark shades do not excite the nervous system and do not irritate the eyes. You should not be afraid of black. It is the color of the night, total relaxation, protection and mystery. The stylish, noble color, as a rule, is first of all appreciated by men and most often complements the interior of their bedrooms. However, not only men love black bedding. Women often buy it for themselves or as a gift. However, do not rush to purchase the first set that you saw in the store. Black color is should be taken seriously and you need to know its pros and cons.

What is important to know before choosing black bedding for your bedroom?

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Solid color black bedding blends perfectly with modern design trends. It is luxurious, but not provocative, it creates a mysterious atmosphere and a person feels protected, calm and self-confident. In nature, there are many shades of black, so there is something suitable for your personal taste! Those who are afraid of solid color bed sheets may look at products with different prints or even 3D-images, in which there are several shades, forming a three-dimensional pattern or figure. As we mentioned, before you buy bed sheets in black, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the main advantages of the color as well as with the main considerations. Here is a short list that will help you:

modern dark bedroom ideas black bed sheets pros and cons

Black color is associated with mourning but modern people believe that this perception comes from the past. In fact, this color symbolizes something mysterious and unusual. As per psychologists black linen is chosen by people who are closed and reserved but at the same time appreciate their own value.

On the other hand, a lot of bright colors flash before a person’s eyes during the day. Even if we do not notice it, the abundance of saturated shades is tiring for our eyes. That is why it is recommended to choose neutral tones for our home which allow us to rest.

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Black color is prevailing in the interior of apartments and houses of successful people. It is the color of chic and luxury. Design in dark colors looks expensive and elegant. Bed linen in black will also be an indicator of the refined taste and solidity of the homeowners.

Another advantage of this option is practicality. Spots and stains are invisible, and if there are any, they are easily washed off.

One of the advantages of black bedding is that it is universal and easily combined with other colors. Black color goes well with dark and slightly darkened interior details. It emphasizes the unique interior of the bedroom, helps create a special atmosphere and gives the room a special charm.

How to choose black bed sheets?

How to choose black bed sheets for your bedroom

Once you decided that you want to buy black bedding and you head for the store, you need to pay attention to several criteria:

Size – It is important to know in advance all the parameters of bedding. Typically the dimensions of all elements in the set are shown on the label. You need to know the size of your bed, of course but make sure that you purchase a bed sheet with a margin of at least 10 cm on each side. The duvet cover should fit the size of the blanket or to be 5 cm longer in length and width. Check the measures of the pillowcases as well and see if they will fit. 50 x 70 cm is a standard size for rectangular pillows.

Material – The most beautiful and elegant black bedding is made from silk. This is a smooth and shiny material which gives the bedroom a certain touch of luxury with its gloss. However, silk fabric is very expensive and not affordable to everyone. If you choose calico, cotton or satin, then the linen will not be so chic and luxurious. In general, satin is a great alternative to expensive silk It is durable, soft and smooth, looks very nice and is also affordable.

luxurious bedding sets black and gold bedroom decor ideas

Design – When going to the store for black bedding, it is very important to choose a set with a suitable design. Sleeping should be pleasant yet sheets and blankets must be pleasing to the eye as well. There are several popular design options.

  • Solid color black bed sheets look best when made of glossy silk or satin and will fit in any interior. If you prefer linen made of matte fabric, make sure that black is combined with other color otherwise you may create an atmosphere of mourning in your bedroom.
  • Black and red is a classic combination. It is passionate and temperamental and the market offers numerous patterns and prints.
  • Black and white is another classic combination. It is more suitable for serious people who prefer minimalism in the interior.
  • Black and bright accents is another option, since it harmoniously combines with any shade. Blue stars, bright yellow and blue flowers, expressive purple hearts, golden abstract figures – all these looks great on a black background.

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Price and manufacturer – these are important criteria when choosing bed sheets. Trust only a reputable manufacturer. Do not buy a cheap set, because, most likely, the material is of very poor quality. Over time the dye will wash out, which is very noticeable on a black background. This will give the bed an untidy and unaesthetic appearance.



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