How to choose bed sheets color for your bedroom?

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How to choose bed sheets color tips

How to choose bed sheets color, pattern and print? Are you attracted to calm tones or you prefer bright, bold or unexpected and even extravagant colors? How to choose between solid color and multi-colored bed sheets? Just think what do you feel when you go into your bedroom and look at the bed? Do you feel calm or alarmed? Do you feel strength and readiness for a night of love? Well, there is an explanation for these reactions and it will not be a surprise that the color scheme of our bedding sets affects our mood and can create certain emotions. Colors can cause anxiety, or vice versa – a feeling of joy, love, etc. They can excite or soothe but not many people really think or care for the color of the sheets. Color, pattern and fabric of bedding sets can affect the physical and emotional health of a person so we shall explain how different colors affect our mood.

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When you go to a store trying to choose bed sheets you will be stunned from the wide variety that is offered and how difficult it is to make the right choice. Your eyes are moving from one color to another, bright drawings, bold prints, geometric patterns, romantic floral designs, etc. Most often people make their choice based on a momentary emotion or fashion. Maybe you bought a fantastic red bedding set and then, after you returned home, you suddenly realize that in your bedroom the bright, bold scarlet is not soothing but quite annoying. Of course, choice is always individual and everyone has his own criteria. However, there are some general rules, and if you follow them you can avoid wrong decisions.

How to choose bed sheets color – pros and cons of neutral shades

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When decorating a bedroom, people are increasingly thinking about what color bed linens to choose. On one hand, the overall impression should be beautiful and the room should look harmonious and help relaxing after daytime stresses. Having in mind that usually the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, the color and pattern of sheets becomes especially important. How to choose bed sheets color to create an atmosphere that is optimal for your comfortable and complete rest? Some experts recommend choosing colors in accordance with the occasion. For example, if you had a busy day, then the solid color bedding in calm pastel colors will help you relax and fall asleep quickly. This sounds great, but not very practical as you may end up with a huge pile of laundry at the end of the week.

Let’s begin with the neutral colors – white, black and gray, and see how they affect our psyche and mood.

pros and cons of white bed sheets for good sleep

White bed sheets are, without any doubt, one of the best options for a good rest and sound sleep. White color is a classic symbol of purity and tenderness, innocence and peace. White easily fits into the interior of any room and white linen is a classic option for every day or a gift for a special occasion. The neutral color soothes people and has a calming effect on human mind. It gives peace and clarity of mind.

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Black bedding is a bold decision and quite controversial. People either love it or hate it. The depth and strong energy of this color are suitable for people who think outside the box. Black looks elegant, expensive and luxurious and if you want a high end look in your bedroom, this is definitely a good choice. Black can create a mysterious atmosphere in a dark colored bedroom or become an accent in a white interior.

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Gray bed sheets create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Gray is neither black nor white and depending on the particular shade – warm or cold, it can be used to enhance the peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom or a look of cold elegance. Very often people choose bright colored bed linen with a pattern in gray tones which give s sense of optimism and energy. However, But if a person is prone to apathy, it is better to avoid this color.

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Beige and brown shades soothe human psyche, relieve tension and excitement and create a feeling of security. Brown color symbolizes reliability and organization. Chocolate shades of bed linen emphasize the luxury of bedroom decoration. Beige and brown give a feeling of comfort and warmth and due to the fact that these are Earthy shades they helps in the fight against stress and fear. Flowers, imitation of stone and wood, unusual landscapes and geometric symbols look beautiful in this shade.

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Blue is the color of freedom and is the choice of those who love spaciousness and want to achieve peace of mind and harmony. A blue bedding set can have a beneficial effect on human health, lowering pressure, improving eyesight and sleep, relieving nervousness and sense of fear. Bed sheets in blue will emphasize the refined nobleness of the bedroom interior and are ideal for people who are under pressure and stress and the color creates an atmosphere of safety and security. You can choose any shade- from navy blue to sky blue, turquoise or azzure, and each of these will be beneficial to your sound sleep.

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Green is the color of youth, freshness, new life and favorably affects the development of close relationships. It refers to the elements of wood. It is a pleasure to rest on green sheets and you can relax completely and enjoy pleasant dreams. Green bedding is suitable for people who have problems with a nervous breakdown as people become more balanced and calm. This color does not strain the eye and improves heart function. Looking at green linen we feel joy and peace, which allows us to get rid of the accumulated stress.

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Red is the color of passion, fire and blood. It is most often the choice of energetic and active people. The color has emotional stimulating effect, excites the nervous system and that is why it is connected with erotic as it creates a romantic mood. However, when you choose red bed sheets, you need to be careful. This color should be used moderately otherwise it can provoke aggression. It is best to purchase red bedding set in combination with calmer shades. The combination of red and black in one set looks advantageous – two strong contrasting colors complement and emphasize the significance of each. You can also choose burgundy red, which looks very noble and elegant.

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Pink bedding helps to relieve excessive stress and irritation. Pink color is considered the color of tenderness, innocence and desire. It is perfect for those couples who want to restore tenderness in a relationship because it is romantic and improves the mood. Pink bed sheets will be a wonderful gift for a young girl or newlyweds. Various shades of pink are easily combined with many other colors and fit into the interior of any bedroom.

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Purple is the color of transformations, changes, magic and witchcraft. It is also associated with creative energy and balance and harmonizes the body with the soul. It is believed that purple color connects the material and spiritual worlds. Purple bedding sets are the choice of thoughtful natures and dream lovers. Saturated shades of purple emphasize the luxury of the interior and delicate lilac ones will take you to romantic dreams. However, it is not advisable to overdo the purple tones in bedding as they can have an unexpected effect on the psyche and cause a feeling of anxiety.

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Yellow symbolizes joy, optimism, activity and refers to the elements of the Earth. It is good to use gentle yellow shades, or to combine a saturated color with light tones. Yellow is the color of the sun and raises the mood and brings joy, gives a feeling of confidence and optimism. In the summer yellow bed sheets will create a feeling of happiness and carelessness, positive mood and a charge of vivacity and will warm your soul in the winter.

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Orange bedding set improves the mood, gives a feeling of celebration, causes positive emotions and helps to cope with depression. Orange is associated with citrus fruits, which have a beneficial effect on the whole body. Do not be afraid of this bright and juicy color, because waking up in such a bedroom, you will definitely get a guaranteed dose of positive mood. An excellent option for bedding in this color will be images of fruits, the sun, flames, circles and other simple geometric lines and shapes.

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It is up to you to decide how to choose bed sheets color. You can keep in mind the recommendations of psychologists or your own taste preferences. It is important that you enjoy your choice!



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