Bright and colorful carpet ideas for childrens rooms and playrooms

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playrooms nursery kids room ideas with bright and colorful carpets

A bright and colorful carpet evokes a positive emotion in any room. If you are wondering how to add accent colors or just make the atmosphere of the nursery more vivid, you will find some great ideas in the photo gallery below.


Colorful carpet ideas – pros and cons

nursery room ideas white furniture colorful carpet with geometric pattern


When a newborn comes to the family parents are engaged in arranging the best environment for the little one. A crib, a changing table, a chest of drawers – these furniture pieces are a must in any nursery or child’s bedroom. Many parents, however, are not certain, whether and when to lay a carpet on the floor. As per experts, there is no need to buy a rug for the nursery room until the baby is half a year old due to the fact that the child is the crib or in the mother’s arms for most of the time and does not contact the floor at all. When the baby is actively learning to crawl and walk, the carpet in the nursery is not just desirable, but necessary. It has to protect the baby and provide warmth.

round colorful area rug for kids room educational carpet ideas

In addition to the practical functions, the carpet in the nursery is an important element of interior decoration. Most parents pay attention to wall color, ceiling design, bedding, accessories, decorations, and somehow neglect the floor. Bright and colorful, rugs for children’s rooms are available in a huge variety and can be as stylish as in the living room or bedroom for adults. Adding a carpet is the perfect way to liven up a kid’s room design without spending a fortune. Such decorative element fits well both in a room decorated in neutral colors, creating a contrast, and in a bright interior, echoing the already outlined color accents.


How to blend a colorful carpet in children’s rooms interiors?

carpet ideas for playrooms nursery and childrens rooms

If there is a room in the house in which a bright carpet will not be a risky design decision then this is, of course, your child’s bedroom or playroom. As we mentioned, the vivid shades can be blended into the interior in two ways, depending on the overall color scheme and style of the room. If the child’s bedroom is already decorated in bright colors, the carpet can reflect the design. If you have chosen a neutral color palette, the rug will become an immediate eye catcher and a focal point.

How to choose a colorful carpet for your childs room

Carpets in the nursery usually come in bright colors, with patterns, drawings, characters from fairy tales and cartoons. If you still have not chosen the color of the rug then keep in mind that it should not be too bright. Pay attention to the recommendations of designers. For example, a green carpet in a children’s room will refresh the atmosphere and bring a feeling of coziness. You can choose a different shape – square, oval, round or rectangular, depending on your personal preferences, shape and size of furniture, etc. Children love bright colors, but there is no need to overload the design with too many colorful decorative elements. It will look very tasteless, as well as visually reduce the space. White is not practical for children, because children like to play with paints and other materials that can easily stain the rug.

Bright and colorful carpet ideas for childrens rooms

When you decide that you will opt for a multi-colored rug, you need to think of the style as well. An attractive rug does not have to be just a bright spot. A carpet with traditional motifs and patterns is great for rustic, industrial and vintage nurseries. Rugs with abstract or geometric patterns are suitable for modern interiors. For example, if the bedding set in your girl’s room is decorated with floral patterns, then you may add a rug with a similar ornament. For boy’s bedroom you can choose a rug with colorful geometric patterns. Chevron pattern or stripes are suitable for both boys and girls.

How to choose a colorful carpet for your child’s room?

bright carpets for nursery playrooms and children bedrooms

When choosing a colorful carpet for your child’s room you need to keep in mind several criteria.

  • Select bright, positive colors;
  • Pay attention to the pattern on the carpet;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Price.

Why is it advisable to choose a rug in bright colors for the kid’s room? Parents are aware of the fact that small children learn a lot from their environment. In addition, the surrounding can affect their mood, stimulate their learning abilities, etc. That is why it is important to create a room where the child is surrounded by colorful items. The market offers a wide variety of carpet designs which help the child learn the alphabet, learn to count, recognize animals, study geography, traffic rules, play interesting games, etc. Bright puzzle mats are gaining more and more popularity and are especially useful for preschoolers.

super cute colorful kids room rugs floor decoration ideas

Easy maintenance is another important criterion when choosing a carpet for a children’s room. Some people believe that it is better not to buy a carpet made of natural materials for the bedrooms of small children due to the fact that natural materials like wool, cotton absorb moisture. In favor of synthetic or semi-synthetic rugs made of nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyethylene foam, one can point out that they are less likely to provoke allergies, do not accumulate static electricity and are much easier to clean. It is not a good idea to buy a rug with a very long, fluffy pile for the nursery of a child under 3-5 years old. Children often play with puzzles, Lego blocks and other toys with small details that can get lost in long pile.

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The carpet in a child’s room needs daily care. We recommend that you consider these simple and useful tips to help you keep the rug clean and significantly extend its life:

  • Vacuum the carpet every day.
  • As soon as a stain appears on the carpet, it must be immediately washed off. When any liquid is spilled on the surface, you must immediately blot the stain with a cloth and then dry the place with a hairdryer on both sides until it dries completely.
  • It is advisable to dry clean the carpet every 5 years.
  • If the edges of the carpet become slightly frayed, work the threads from the inside out with hot glue.

As far as price is concerned, rugs made of natural materials are significantly more expensive than their synthetic alternatives. Stains from paints, felt-tip pens, fruits or chocolate – these are just some of the stains that may happen to a carpet in a child’s room. It is not worth buying an expensive natural carpet, especially handmade. It is very likely that after several years of active crawling, running and playing, the rug will lose its attractive appearance. However, if you are not on a tight budget and prefer natural and eco-friendly materials, you can buy a natural wool or semi-woolen bright carpet, especially for a room with cold flooring.

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When choosing a carpet for a boy’s nursery, pay attention to drawings with cars, transformers, maps, football fields, and various houses. There is no limit for the color of the mat for the boy, except, of course, the typical girl’s colors like punk or purple.

It is clear that the color of the carpet in the room for the girl will be different from the color of the carpet for the boy. Little girls love princesses and other fairy-tale characters so if you plan a princess-themed interior you can opt for a mat with Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Elsa, or any other of their beloved character. Most often parents choose pink, raspberry, turquoise or cherry colors.

Nursery room furniture and decor ideas educational carpet

When a child starts school, new pieces of furniture appear in his room and there is less and less space for active games on the floor. Therefore, the carpet with cartoons or game patterns is usually replaced with a small bright rug in front of the bed or in the center of the room. When replacing the carpet, make sure that the new one is approved by your child. At this age they need to have a say for the décor of their room, so just ask them!

Whether to choose a carpet as an accent or not is up to you. If you like bright and colorful carpet ideas you will find a lot of great interior designs in the photos below.


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