White Bedroom for Kids – Interior Design Trends, Decoration and Furniture

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White bedroom for kids is the safest possible solution. After all, with the help of white you can solve the most difficult problems and create a universal interior for one or two children of different sex or age, to visually enlarge a small room or to create a light and airy nursery design.  White is a symbol of peace and purity. It is often used in children’s rooms and psychologists point out that white interiors are especially calming, so your child will feel as peaceful as possible in his bedroom.

White Bedroom for Kids Interior Design Trends and Furniture

However, even with the most versatile color, you can go wrong by creating a monotonous or sterile-looking room. To avoid that, you should use white correctly and we shall give you some tips and ideas for decorating a white children’s room.

White is a neutral color and many people think of it as “lack of color”. The fact is that it has a whole range of shades, called off-white, that are successfully used by designers when decorating rooms. The differences between these shades are very small, however, if you use them competently, you can get amazing results in the design of a baby or child’s room. The shades of white include:

  • ivory;
  • creamy;
  • snow White
  • eggshell
  • vanilla
  • pearl
  • alabaster
  • cotton
  • antique white, etc.

Nursery and Bedroom for Kid’s Ideas – The Advantages of White Color

Nursery and Bedroom for Kids Ideas The Advantages of White Color


Why is white a great solution for decorating nursery rooms and bedrooms for children? We already mentioned that the color is versatile. It is suitable for both boys and girls, and can be combined with any other shades.

White has a positive effect on the child, developing creativity, giving a sense of purity, freedom and freshness. It reflects light, visually expands the space, balances bright colors and makes them more positive. For example, red next to white seems less aggressive, and black – not so gloomy. It is the perfect choice for small or narrow, and rooms with a lack of natural light.

Is it practical to use white in the decor of kids’ rooms? The practicality of the color is a separate topic. You can safely use white, but you need to take care of the correct choice of finishing materials. The modern market offers a lot of options for finishing materials that allow you to create surfaces that are easy to clean. For a nursery, washable white wallpaper is a great choice. Also, you can use white only in places that are difficult for the child to reach.

Best White Paint Color Options for Kids Bedrooms

White is an excellent color for decorating a nursery, its advantages allow you to create a unique style, so there is nothing to limit its use when designing a bedroom for your children. How to combine white with other colors? You can combine white shades with any other colors, depending on the age of your child, whether you decorate a room boy a boy or a girl, depending on the age – a baby, toddler, preschooler or teenager.

For example, white and brown nursery looks cozy, natural textures with green elements add warmth to the interior. Dark colors like black and graphite are more suitable for a teenager. For example, a white and gray room looks stylish and laconic, and if you wish, you can add any bright accents to the decor – orange pillows, blue carpet, etc.

White in combination with yellow will add a cheerful touch to the interior. If the child wants a red room, it is better to use red as accents – carpets, rugs, curtains on the windows, so that the bright color does not prevail.

White Bedroom for Kids – Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern Interior Design Ideas White Bedroom for Kids

White bedroom for kids are like a blank sheet of paper for an artist. You can add colors, accents, creative details and the white interior will turn into a magical and cozy room for a child. There are several interesting techniques for decorating a children’s room in white:

Decorate the Walls

white nursery room design advantages of neutral palette

The most common way to decorate walls is paint. Wallpaper is another budget-friendly finish. They often have a small pattern or texture that adds a dynamic feel and breaks the monotonous feeling. These methods can be combined – create an accent wall, add a brick or geometric pattern, stripes, etc. It is desirable that all materials are natural, including flooring.

Choose a shade of white for the walls based on the orientation of the room. If the windows face north or there is little natural light, then the shade of white paint for the walls should be warm, for example, ivory, cream, pearl, etc. If the children’s bedroom faces south or southwest you can choose pure white with a bluish undertone. Yet, it is good to keep in mind, that warm white shades are more versatile and cozy than pure white. They do not look so sterile.

If you want to create a contrasting color interior design, for example black and white, it is recommended to use natural wood for decorating the children’s room as it will soften the contrast. In addition, with the help wood, you can zone the space of the room, for example, highlight the play area or sleep area.

Add Color Accents

white girl bedroom with pink area rug

To avoid a sterile impression, add large color accents to the interior. For example, you can decorate one of the walls or a niche with colorful wallpaper or photo wallpaper. You can create an accent wall in a bright color – pink, lilac, green, blue, orange, etc.

Furniture and Textile Ideas in White Bedroom for Kids

add color accents in white bedroom interior

White furniture has a lot of advantages: it is easiest to find in stores, it is versatile and looks lighter than it actually is. Consistency is a very useful property of white, but it is still better to break the uniform appearance with one or two pieces of furniture in a different color / material. For example, it can be a rattan wicker chair, a bedside table painted in a bright color, an upholstered sofa or a wooden chest of drawers.

The bed is the main element and every child will appreciate an original design – a floor bed, house bed, for example. Open shelves and racks are an indispensable element in a nursery. Psychologists recommend placing some of the books and toys in plain sight so that the child can always reach the desired object.

Decorative Elements

White House Bed with Trundle and Drawers furniture ideas for kids

The easiest way to decorate the interior of a white nursery is with wall decor. You can use paintings, photos, world maps, decals, paper garlands, decorative pillows, etc.


How to decorate the walls in white bedroom

how to decorate white nursery and bedroom for kids

Kids white bedroom furniture modern design ideas

monochromatic palette kids room interior design

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