Inspirational macrame ideas for modern home interior decoration

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Inspirational macrame ideas for home interior decoration

What is macrame and how to use it in modern home interior design? We have selected some inspiring macrame ideas for you and will show you how you can use these magnificent handmade items in a variety of ways. Using handcrafted items as home decor has become a real trend and those who want to add a charming and unique wall decor or accessories should pay attention to macrame.

bedroom wall decoration with beautiful macrame against dark blue wall


What is macrame? The technique of knot weaving originated in antiquity almost simultaneously in several points of the globe. It is believed that the ancestors of this type of needlework are China, Japan and the countries of the East. This is one of the most ancient crafts and some say that it appeared when man decided to tie together two thin vines and it was the very first knot.

rustic style home decor macrame on dry wood branch

Macrame is the mastery of weaving knots from threads and cords of various thicknesses and it is clear that tying ropes in knots had a purely practical purpose. Initially, hand knotted weaving was used only in everyday life, for example the fishing net is a prototype of weaving with the help of knots. With time the technique was constantly improved, it became more and more complicated and macrame became a decorative art. The intricate knot weaving was used as an ornament of clothing, home-made draperies, amulets, hats, bags, etc. At different times, the art of weaving was called with different names and only in the XIX century, this kind of needlework, crafts and art began to be called macrame. A wave of revival of this craft began in the 1920s and this type of weaving was used for hammocks and room decoration. Nowadays there are more than four thousand different knotting techniques and the possibility of using macrame ideas as an element of interior design, have expanded even more.

How to use macrame ideas in different decor styles?

rustic living room decor with solid wood coffee table and beautiful macrame

Home decoration and interior design vary in style, color schemes and whichever concept you choose, it has to reflect your personality, taste and preferences. Macrame ideas can be incorporated in a variety of decorative concepts and you can find inspiration in the photo gallery below. Some people will say that macrame products are something from the grandmother’s chest and belong to the past but modern decorators are using them to create very stylish and original interiors. Hand crafted objects become the central decoration of the house and can successfully compete with other decorative elements. However, here are some hints that may be of help.

original black macrame curtains in living room

Classic style – decorative pillows, colored wall or floor mats are ideal for the traditional and classic decor style.

Minimalism is characterized with minimal amount of decorations. Yet a macrame piece can be used as an accent wall decoration or window decoration to diversify the modest design of the room.

Rustic interiors can be enhanced with handmade café style window curtains, door hangings, hammock chair, etc.

Industrial decor can be complemented with abstract works, dream catcher designs, etc.

Art Deco style can be accented with original lamp shades or chandeliers with a lot of details, beads, stones, floor lamps and ceiling lamps.

Macrame blends organically into ethnic and boho style interiors and can be used in almost any way. An interior in bohemian style looks like a cluster of unorganized elements, among which you can find many amazing things, including items made from macrame. They add a vintage touch and delicately decorate a room without overloading it with details.

Macrame ideas in home interior design

original and eye catching wall decoration ideas living room interior design

The design of an apartment, a private house or an office with the help of knot weaving will create an extraordinary comfort in the room. Of course, one should not overdo the décor with too many macrame pieces. It is best if you use two or three elements which combine harmoniously and organically with each other. Macrame products are a great opportunity to create an individual and unique interior. In addition, handmade macrame decorations and accessories provide an excellent opportunity for self-expression and a chance to show imagination and realize bold ideas. What could be better than proudly exhibit your masterpieces?

macrame and string lights wall decoration ideas for nursery room

Macrame wall decoration successfully replaces paintings and photographs as well as other wall art. A macrame panel can be very diverse – elegant, rustic, hippie-bohemian, ethnic, it can have a certain motive or an abstract pattern. Panels are selected depending on the interior design and can be made of different materials – from hemp rope to silk. Color also matters greatly. For example, bright, cheerful colors are good if the panel is intended to create accents. Macrame owl wall panels are quite popular as the bird is a symbol of wisdom and wealth in the house. With the help of macrame wall panels you can decorate the wall above the crib in the nursery room or decorate an empty space above the sofa. This is also a great alternative for the wall above the headboard and sometimes a decorative panel can replace it. Dream catchers made using the macrame technique are also very popular wall decoration.

original window treatment ideas macrame curtains

Macrame curtains blend naturally and organically into modern interiors. This is an original decoration for windows and doorways. Thanks to the weaving technique such curtains let the sunlight in and the beautiful patterns attract the eye of the viewer with their attractive appearance. Depending on the color combinations in the interior curtains can be painted using the ombre technique. Flowers and leaves, snowflakes or other seasonal motifs can be created as well. Macrame curtains can be used as an independent decorative element or can be combined with other materials, such as tulle or organza.

homemade macrame floor mat and leather ottoman

Macrame area rugs are exceptionally beautiful. Usually they are round or rectangular and rarely have an asymmetric or complex shape. A macrame floor rug is a great decorative element for any room. Such unique rugs can be used in any room of the home. Woven from bright threads, they are the ideal decoration for the children’s room while pastel colors are suitable for decorating the bedroom. You can combine the area rug with pillowcases, decorative pillows or outdoor furniture pads. In the process of creating an interior design, very often designers are looking for inspiration in old vintage items. A beautiful macrame rug has all the qualities of vintage decor and adds the necessary flavor in the house. Due to the fact that the products are woven from thick threads, they will serve you for many years without losing their original appearance.

room partition ideas DIY macrame screen bedroom decor

Macrame accessories and home decorations present a plethora of items. It is true that creative fantasy and imagination does not stop at mats and curtains. Screens and partition walls can be made using macrame technique. They help zoning the space of a studio apartment, separating the dining area from the kitchen, isolating the living room or workplace. Such screens and partitions will not provide complete privacy but will not block natural light and look original. If you want to add an accessory with a truly artistic and original design, a macrame screen will be the perfect choice.

how to use macrame for home decoration

With the help of macrame technique you can craft unique suspended shelves. Knitted elements interconnect wooden planks and such an exquisite accessory will be a great addition to the standard pieces of furniture in a kitchen, living room or kids’ bedroom. In addition to the original look, such shelves are very functional as well. Macrame flower pot holders are, perhaps, the most popular home accessory. You can hang one or more of these spectacular works of art above the window, on the wall or use it as a decoration in an empty corner. To make it even more original, you can replace a flower pot with a beautiful glass jar, a vase, an air plant container, etc.

macrame hammock swing for babies nursery room ideas

Hammock and hammock chairs, baby cribs and swings, a suspended side table, beautiful lamp shades and chandeliers – these are just some of the numerous options to add exotic and vintage macrame accessories to the decoration of your home.

stylish black macrame wall decoration in living room

In conclusion, we have to say that macrame products are cozy details that transform the interior and fill it with warmth. It is not a surprise that wall panels, rugs and other items are becoming trendy and popular home decoration. And those who are good at crafts can try to create a unique decoration using macrame technique.



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