Moss walls – a new trend in interior design and decoration

by Kremy

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Moss is not only a beautiful “soft grass” from the forest, but also a beautiful plant … for growing indoors! Moreover, you can grow it in the interior right on the wall! Moss walls are one of the latest and hugely popular trends in interior design and we shall show you a great selection of home decors which can be your inspiration.

People always liked houseplants. They are used to decorate spacious houses and small apartments. Some people prefer plants in pots others are fascinated by the beauty of living walls and vertical gardens are a part of the decor not only in offices, restaurants and public areas but in private homes as well.

Residents of cities feel more and more isolated from the natural world and the desire to maintain some kind of connection with Nature inspired designers to create moss walls that would satisfy this need. If you want more green, we shall help you invite the forest in your in your home.


Advantages and disadvantages of moss walls in interior design


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You can create a charming corner, an accent wall or a spectacular focal point in your home with this fresh green plant. The idea was introduced by a group of Norwegian artists ten years ago at an exhibition in England where they showed their idea. They made a living moss wall as a bed headboard and the creative way of using forest flora has become an immediate hit and the design has become widely popular. What are the advantages and disadvantages of moss walls in interior design? How to maintain such a living wall? Is it beneficial to human health? We shall look at the pros and cons of moss and the different options to arrange a vertical living wall in your home.


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Moss is an excellent wall covering and a decorative wall has a number of advantages:

  • Moss walls are made from preserved stabilized moss. The plant is harvested and preserved by replacing its moisture content with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable preservative to maintain its healthy look, prevent its decay and the reproduction of bacteria and mold. Technically, the plant is not alive but this treatment helps it retain its natural appearance and vivid color for a long time. Preserved moss is available in two forms – buns and flat panels. Buns have a dense texture and are used to create voluminous compositions, as well as in compositions consisting of a variety of plants.
  • Flat panels can be used both independently and as a base for creating a vertical green garden or as a part of more complex composition. The thickness of wall panels is from 10 to 50 millimeters which are easily attached to the wall.
  • Preserved moss has a bright and elastic texture, it is pleasant to the touch, completely ecological, harmless to humans or pets and does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Moss walls do not need heavy structures, and soil. You can construct one as a DIY project by using special plates with spores of this plant. Such walls are a lightweight and need minimal supporting structure.

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  • A wall covered with moss is economical, it is easy to install and does not require a lot of maintenance or special care. It does not have to be watered as moss absorbs moisture from the air. When the air indoor is dry the wall may start getting yellow-ish which is a sign for you that you may spray it with some water.
  • Mosses grow beautifully in poorly lit places.
  • A living wall is a good option for soundproofing a room.
  • Moss allows you to control the humidity in the home as it absorbs moisture from the air in the room.
  • You can create a variety of abstract patterns and unique compositions. Like any plant, moss can be of different shades and you can be really creative when arranging your living wall.
  • Moss does not require chemical treatment and does not need to be cut or fertilized.
  • The vertical walls can be decorated with other indoor plants like ferns or weaving plants, which adds to the decorative value and uniqueness of the composition.


Moss walls in interior design – creative ideas for your home

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Using plants for vertical landscaping has become a true know-how in interior design. Due to the unpretentious care green walls are widely used by florists and designers around the world to create original works of art. Vertical green walls can be divided in two large groups:

  • Simple – made from one type of moss
  • Complex – made of several types of preserved moss, different types of flowers, leaves of ornamental plants. Most often preserved flowers feature species like hydrangea, rose, chrysanthemum, calla, orchid, clove, lavender, etc. Leaves and twigs of plants like fern and juniper, flowering and non-flowering plants, eucalyptus and palm leaves can be easily incorporated in the design of the green wall. Natural elements like branches, cones, berries, etc. add to the uniqueness of the composition. Designers often combine smooth surfaces with different patterns, creating unusual ornaments and patterns, masterpieces of amazing beauty which perfectly unite nature and art.

A wall of preserved moss is an excellent solution for those who want to emphasize modern and creative interior design and with some imagination you can create amazing focal points in the living room, bedroom or hallway where the green wall looks spectacular and stylish. A vertical green wall is aesthetically pleasing and adds life to your home or office. Look at the photos in the gallery for inspiration!



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