Creative living wall planter ideas – design your own vertical garden

by Kremy

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There are so many different ways to design and grow a vertical garden. The particularity is that each design has to provide the opportunity to take care of the plants and make sure that they get enough water, light and nutrients. We shall show you a number of living wall planter ideas which will help you not only have a beautiful vertical garden but will be good for your plants as well.

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DIY living wall planter ideas feature different and original ways to design your vertical garden. One of the most popular ideas which is also very cost effective is to use old pallets. They can be easily mounted on walls and are the perfect flower beds for a vertical garden. In addition, using old wooden pallets as living wall planters saves time and efforts which is of great importance to many busy people.

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Old crates or wooden boxes will also do the trick. This idea requires some more work as you will need a construction which will hold your planter boxes. However, you can be really creative and arrange the boxes at different levels. Thus the visual effect will be even greater and much more appealing. If you plan a small living wall as a decorative accent, use a picture frame with mesh and wire. Such designs work particularly well with succulents and ferns.

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Pocket planters are a great way to demonstrate your living wall planter ideas as they give you a lot of flexibility. You can arrange them in groups and your living wall will have a dynamic and original appearance. How about a green wall of vegetables or herbs on the balcony or the roof? This is a clever way to combine decoration and vegetable gardening and have a unique feature outdoors. PVC pipes will make wonderful planters. Of course, you can always opt for traditional flower pots arranged on a wall or on a separate steel or wood construction.

The most suitable place for a vertical garden is any free space on the wall, preferably located in a room without drafts and with enough light. When planning your vertical garden, the correct selection of plants is very important so you need to choose plants that require similar conditions and of course the choice of plants will depend on the existing style of the interior so that you achieve a harmonious look. Although it may look like a difficult process it is well worthy since will be able to admire the natural beauty of the flowers at any time. Just always remember about the regular watering. Get inspired from the pictures in the gallery and be creative!

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