Space saving and practical ideas for a lovely pallet herb garden

by Kremy

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Pallet herb gardens are not a revolutionary method of gardening but they are the perfect way to grow organic ingredients for your delicious dishes and at the same time, they save space. Most of the pallet gardens are designed exactly for the lack of space and we will show you some lovely examples how you can have your own vertical herb harden even if you are not an experienced professional in gardening.

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Gardening and herb growing are the favorite hobby of many people. This is a problem in urban environment as the space is very limited. Even for homeowners who live in houses a small backyard will restrict them to grow their favorite herbs. Human creativity has no limits and the way out of such situations is to grow a pallet herbs garden. Pallet furniture designs will give you the chance to create your own unique style and at the same time will provide enough space to grow herbs and enjoy their freshness and scents. You can plant, for example, rosemary or thyme and use them for your afternoon tea or to flavor your various meats or pizza. This will be your own natural health garden.

DIY pallet herb garden vertical planter mini garden

It is very easy to grow your own pallet herb garden. First, it is a great DIY project, it is very cheap, as old pallets cost next to nothing and of course, you can create attractive designs that will be an accent on your balcony or in your patio. All you need are several pallets, depending on the space you have – you can get only one pallet, nails or staples to attach it, quality soil to ensure the best possible environment for your plants, paint for wood, if necessary, to match the garden pot with the overall appearance of your home, and herb seeds. You can paint in any color you want, but most people prefer to leave the pallet in its basic color, as this is the natural color of the wood; and in other words, nature will come to you. Enjoy the gallery below and get inspired for your own pallet herb garden!

DIY pallet herb garden vertical

Wall mounted herb garden ideas pallet wood creative vertical garden design

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space saving vertical garden

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DIY pallet vertical garden ideas strawberries

DIY pallet herb planter ideas cheap DIY ideas vertical garden

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