DIY ideas – How to build a vertical herb garden from a wooden pallet

creative DIY ideas wooden pallet garden furniture vertical herb garden

You are definitely acquainted with the concept of vertical gardens, especially if you live in an urban area where space is limited. Unlike traditional gardens, vertical gardens take very little space, but can accommodate a lot of flowers and greenery. We will show you a fantastic DIY project and give you instructions how you can build a vertical herb garden from a wooden pallet.

How to build a vertical herb garden – materials

DIY vertical herb garden ideas

It is quite cheap and cost effective to build a vertical herb garden by yourself especially if your outdoor space is limited. A lovely herb garden will be an awesome decoration for your balcony or patio area, besides the pure practical benefit that you will always have an assortment of fresh herbs at hand. Moreover, it does not take a lot of effort and time. The whole project can be completed in an afternoon with very simple materials. What you need is one used wooden pallet (or two, three, if you have the space), a level, a Kreg jig, nails, paint, flower pots and some vinyl labels. Optionally, you may fill the shelves of your herb garden with soil and plant the herbs directly. If you wonder what types of herbs to grow – take our tip – basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme – these are all perfect for a vertical gardening.

Building a vertical herb garden – instructions

DIY wooden pallet vertical herb garden materials

To start your DIY project for a vertical herb garden you will need a wooden pallet. These cost almost nothing and can be found easily. Remove any broken slats so you may use the wooden frame.

how to make a vertical garden instructions

Replace the broken ones with new boards. If you look around, you may already have them from a previous project or buy them from a craft store.

DIY wooden pallet vertical herb garden instructions

Make holes on the wooden boards and attach them to the frame of the pallet. In this way you will have new stable shelves.

wooden pallet furniture ideas vertical herb garden

Add feet to the pallet so it is able to stand in vertical position. You will need two pieces of angled boards which will perform as feet. Make sure they are stable enough and will be able to support the whole construction.

vertical garden ideas DIY instructions

Use a clamp tool to fasten the angled boards to the bottom of the construction. Check with a level if you have attached them correctly.

how to build a vertical

Your construction is ready and you may proceed with decoration.

DIY vertical herb garden tips and ideas

Paint the frame in a preferred color. You may use spray paint, or any other leftover that you may have available.

DIY wooden pallet vertical herb garden tutorial

Add pots with herbs on the shelves.

vertical ideas DIY wooden pallet furniture

 Add stickers with the names of the different herbs

DIY wooden pallet vertical herb step by step

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