Indoor herb garden- how to create a spectacular and useful decoration

by Kremy

indoor herb garden ideas tin cans gravel ribbons

Have you ever thought about an indoor herb garden in your kitchen? Perhaps you have, especially if you like cooking and using fresh herbs. We have collected some great ideas for herb gardens at home which will be useful to you. There are many ways to create a herb garden in the kitchen. You only need a few cans in a cake pan in between river pebbles for a better look. Or maybe you want it to be chic and eye catching? Then you can design a herb garden with many different pots for the various herbs that you want to grow or spare a special place and have a fabulous vertical garden.

Indoor herb garden – what herbs to grow?

indoor herb garden what herbs to grow


When you design your indoor herb garden, you have to consider a few important things. The first step of the indoor herb garden design is to decide which herbs you use in cooking and want to grow. Then you should find out which herbs can grow in low light conditions. For example, mint and chives grow well in low light and at cooler temperatures. Basil and thyme require more light and need more care. Do you know how much time you want to spend in your herb garden in the kitchen? No matter how many or how few herbs you grow your own herb garden can help you in the kitchen to have something fresh through the winter months and also add many great flavors in the cooking area.

The best place for the indoor herb garden

indoor herb garden wood box window sill

Most herbs will need about six hours of daylight, so choose the right location for your indoor herb garden. If you have a window-sill which is illuminated with natural light most of the time and you want to grow a few herbs – that will be just the perfect place. If you want to grow more herbs, you can place a few shelves near the window. Think carefully what kind of containers you will use and make sure that your containers have a good drainage.

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DIY charming indoor garden tea cups

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Kitchen herbs ideas wooden pallets furniture ideas DIY

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Indoor herbs kitchen ideas vertical

indoor herb ideas vertical garden design kitchen wall

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indoor modern kitchen design vertical herb garden

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DIY vertical kitchen ideas wall wood planks jam jars

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how to create an indoor herb garden

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