Original garden design with flower pots and planters

by Kremy

Peppermint Box Mojitos

Flower pots, flower boxes and planters with blooming flowers are not only an important garden accessory. Whether placed in the garden, in the living room or at work, the flowers express vitality and mood. The possibilities for attractive garden design with flower boxes are various and usually depend on the personality and preferences of the garden owner.

Decoration Garden Sculpture


Flower pots and flower boxes are an important part of the garden decoration, in all shapes, colors, styles and sizes and from a variety of materials –  stainless steel, plastic or ceramic. However, planters or flower pots can also be used for other purposes. What do you think of a couple of refreshing mojitos on warm summer days? For this purpose, you could plant spices and garden herbs like peppermint, lavender, coriander. Peppers and tomatoes in a flower pot would also be a good idea for original garden design!

Geometric design garden art flower boxes

At the beginning of garden planning and design you need to think of a general concept – think about whether you want to emphasize something in the garden, or want to hide it, whether you prefer a symmetric or asymmetric garden layout. Some want to define the garden through geometric shapes. Others opt for a vertical green wall that serves as a visual separation and provides privacy.

Hanging basket ideas garden design flowers

Beautiful sea of ​​flowers can thrive in hanging baskets if there is not enough space on the ground. For a year-round impressive garden layout use evergreen plant species such as spruce or cypress.

Beautiful flower pots decorating garden design

Flower Planters patio deck design

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Lush planting front yard flowers

Evergreen plant pots arranging

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Ceramic flower pots



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