DIY flower pots – Creative and environmentally friendly ideas

by Kremy

DIY flower pots garden decoration ideas baskets

Check out these creative ideas for DIY flower pots and get inspired for the design and decoration of your own garden. Most of the ideas are quite environmentally friendly designed, as these are made from recycled materials. Whether yogurt cups, car tires, metal containers, plastic bags or wooden boxes, you can use many old objects and make new and original flowerpots.

bag flower pots ideas for flower pots to do by yourself


For DIY flower pots you can use out all kinds of objects and materials. If you have old cloth bags that you no longer need, you can fill them with soil and plant flowers there. These improvised plant containers are suitable for the garden or the wooden deck. In this way, your decoration will not only look particularly original but also very environmentally friendly.

windowsill decorating ideas DIY flower pots

A brilliant idea for handmade flower pots is to use them as interior decoration. Take old ceramic or porcelain cups and fill them with decorative stones. Add cacti and other small decorative plants that do not need much water in there. Arrange the whole composition with matching decoration on the window sill. In this way, you will have quite an original and permanent decoration in the room.

stairs decorating ideas DIY flower pots
pots decoration

cloth bags ideas for DIY flower pots
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recycling ideas flower pots do it yourself

car tire coverage ideas

car tires hanging plant ideas for DIY flower pots

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metal box ideas for do it yourself flower pots
jam jars ideas for D

colored glass jam jars ideas for
ceramic mugs ideas for do it yourself

wooden box mini garden ideas DIY planters
wooden box mini garden ideas DIY plant container

colorful pattern ideas for DIY plant containers


blue disks

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