Mini pond ideas for a small oasis on the balcony

by Kremy

DIY balcony mini pond ideas balcony decor

Various pools and ponds are great attractions for young and old in the hot summer days in the numerous parks and gardens. They are so needed in the heat and bring us freshness and a sense of peace and comfort. We will give you a guide and some mini pond ideas on how you can create an oasis of serenity and relaxation on the balcony.

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If you do not have a garden and just miss that feeling, with a little effort and money you can create a small paradise with sparkling fountains and lush aquatic vegetation on your balcony – you simply need to look at some mini pond ideas. All you need is a traditional wooden bucket or an old vessel lying forgotten somewhere in your basement. You may now use them again and turn them into small ponds for the balcony. Colorful glaze ceramic pots will be perfect for the same purpose if they still have good drainage holes.

DIY mini pond ideas balcony decoration ideas water feature

The other important component of your refreshing corner on the balcony is undoubtedly the aquatic vegetation. Very striking are here all kinds of buttercup, for example, ordinary dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), tall Buttercup (Ranunculus acris), marsh marigold (Caltha palustris), Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna), globe flower (Trollius europaeus). In different depth zones, it is appropriate to plant elegant water irises. However, if the pond is small, it is best that you plant low growing reeds and water mint. There are also different types of water lilies which will thrive if the pond is not too shallow – the water level should be at least 40 cm. Many tropical plants such as water hyacinth and Salvinia (floating fern) also grow well in warm water. Of course, one must also think of the underwater vegetation. Here we recommend Tropical Hornwort and Calamus.

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Of course, you also need to take good care of your little balcony pond. It would be best if it is placed in the sun or partial shade. Also, avoid excessive growth of aquatic vegetation, they could block the water surface. Such plants are not recommended for planting directly in the soil but in special baskets. Do not forget that each plant needs a certain depth to really thrive. To ensure the correct depth, you can help with large and small stones. Algae, leaves or large plants must be cleaned regularly. Since the water constantly evaporates from your small balcony pond, you have to pour in new amounts. You do not need additional nutrients or fertilizer. Once you have created your little oasis of calm, you will definitely have a lot of fun.

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