Instructions for garden fountain for a wonderful garden water feature

by Kremy

DIY interesting garden fountain

We will help you build an urn garden fountain by yourself – here comes the guide. Create a paradise in your backyard with these ideas.

Garden fountains with ceramic urn – Preparation and material selection

Garden Fountain stone tiles

 Before you start to work, you prepare the ground  – consider where you want to put down the switching box. You can arrange your new garden fountain surrounded by plants and flowers. A stone path can lead to this cozy area, and a cozy seating bench or other garden furniture will make a nice outdoor place. You may be able to build a stone floor for the fountain /a ceramic vessel full of water weighs quite a bit and can tip over if the ground is unstable/. For this garden fountain you will need the following materials – a ceramic vessel with dimensions of at least 20cm high and diameter of at least 15cm, well pump / we recommend using solar panels – in this way you are more flexible, and can also build a deep well in the garden. In addition, this option is more environmentally friendly. If you buy the pump, ask the store, what security measures you need to take.

DIY Garden fountains – Instructions

Small garden design Urn Fountain

Drill a hole in the bottom for the cable of the pump and set the pump back into the ceramic vessel. Isolate the hole for the cables with silicone. Connect the water nozzle to the pump. The water nozzle should be about 5 cm higher than the ceramic vessel. Fill the container with water and turn on the pump. Pumps with solar panels need some time to load before beginnings to work. Ready! Now you have built a garden fountain and created your own haven of peace, so enjoy this. Have fun!

Garden fountains in ceramic vessel – creative DIY idea

Urn Fountain planted garden wall

 Pond and fountain in the garden design

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Stone path grass design

red shrubs plants

Red Ceramic Garden Fountain Decoration Ideas

modern garden fountain black ceramic

Pool and fountain – English style garden

Garden Fountain DIY guide

Small garden design – River stones and plants as decoration

Garden stone path

Ceramic fountain with an interesting design

Ceramic Idea

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Fountain in the middle of the garden

 blue color urn

Small garden with stone path and pottery as decoration in the backyard

traditional garden design fountain

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Small garden design ideas Urn Fountain




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