Creative upcycling ideas – how to use old cutlery again as decoration

by Kremy

creative upcycling ideas silverware re use ladle

Old silver cutlery is perfect for do it yourself projects, because it can be used not only in cooking but also in the whole house. The concept of recycling is a new trend that can also be used here. Rather than storing old utensils in a drawer or a closet, many creative upcycling ideas can inspire you.

creative upcycling ideas wind chimes cutlery sound


One of the easiest and creative upcycling ideas is to make a wind chime. Old cutlery works perfectly for wind chimes, as they create a beautiful sound. You need about 10 pieces of forks, spoons etc., hammer and nail (or drill), 10 pieces of heavy string, a hook for hanging and a round piece of wood or metal. The string should be cut into different lengths so that your silverware can hang at different heights, as with almost any set of wind chimes.

creative upcycling ideas napkin rings old silverware

old cutlery upcycling napking ring

Other easy and unique upcycling ideas to use your old cutlery again are the napkin rings. These are easy to make. Simply bend each utensil in a round circle, and you have the perfect napkin ring. To get the perfect round shape, wrap it to a vegetable or tennis ball. If they can not be bent by hand, you can also use a pair of pliers. Flatten the cutlery with a hammer.

creative upcycling ideas kitchen cabinet door handles

Cabinet door handles are another good option for crafting with cutlery. Just bend the utensil in the center, in a semi-circle. Bow only in the middle, and let the two sides flat and straight. Then drill a hole through each side of the silverware, with a drill or hammer and nail. This will give the perfect addition to any kitchen.

creative upcycling curtain holder fork

creative post it notes kitchen

upcycling table decoration cards names

forks signs cheese types

funny clothes hooks old forks

spoon holder organization

original lampshade spoons forks

floral decoration old cutlery

key boards

spoon hanging baskets flowers

old cutlery flower pots

soup ladles candles

interesting old forks

 interesting eggs stand fork

cool cutlery upcycling fruit bowl

creative cutlery wall decoration

creative coffee cups

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