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Homemade snow globes – the merriest of kids Christmas crafts

by Kremy

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 homemade snow globes kids Christmas crafts

One of the classics of Christmas decorations – the globe! Don’t we all love them? They are magical, cute and make us smile. Homemade snow globes are super easy to make and they are a lot of fun too.

how to make mason jar snow globe DIY christmas decoration ideas


The material you will need for crafting homemade snow globes are already around you. Look at the old tiny toys of your kids or use some ceramic or plastic ornaments. In case you are not sure if they will last without melting, place them in a bowl of water for a couple of hours. If you haven’t got any of these plastic or ceramic figures– every craft store will offer you a large variety of small Christmas themed ornaments. Find some jars, bottles of various sizes or tiny baby food jars. Really any size will work. Get some epoxy or hot glue, distilled water, liquid glycerin and glitter. Now you are all set and you can start crafting. And it will be an even better idea if you asked your kids to make the globes as a surprise present to their teacher, best friend or grandparents.

crafting a homemade snow globe plastic ornaments

First thing for successful DIY snow globes – make sure that the jars have nice snug lids. Attach the ceramic or plastic ornaments to the lid with hot or epoxy glue. It is time to add the water – fill the jar just below the opening and add a tablespoon of glycerin. The purpose of glycerin is to thicken the water. Add the glitter and stir for a moment to make sure it will not become a lump. Carefully place the lid and close the jar. Turn it upside down and you have just crafted your own unique Christmas globe.

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