20 Advent calendar ideas – have a merry countdown to Christmas day

by Kremy



December is the most wonderful time of the year for the whole family. Children or adults – everyone feels happy about Christmas time. Every day can be sweetened by wonderful surprises. You can of course buy an advent calendar from the stores or you can enjoy yourself and make one yourself – look at these Advent calendar ideas and have some fun.

Advent calendar ideas – creative ideas for all ages

christmas tree ornaments

An inseparable part of the Christmas time since the 19th century, the calendar counts the days in the months from November to December, the time until the birth of Jesus Christ. Previously, it was mostly decorated with religious motifs while modern style advent calendar ideas are gaining more and more popularity.

gorgeous advent ideas red white christmas decoration ideas


If you want to craft one, first look for a suitable place in the house. What kind of design will have the calendar, is closely related to the available space. Space-saving calendars are usually hung on the wall. You can craft one out of matchboxes, magnets or paper bags. Here you will find some creative advent calendar ideas for your home.

Advent calendar ideas – styles and types

christmas tree small drawers

The charm of the advent calendar is mainly because of the prepared surprises. Either a minimalist style, unconventional, rustic, traditional -you will find your preferred one with these advent calendar ideas. You know what to do, no matter what style you have chosen – hide completely different gifts every day – for example, a small candy one day, a sweet edible the next day, a poem on the third and so on. Or you can prepare a great gift that you divide into 24 pieces – for example Lego bricks. Let your creativity run wild – and show your love with small things which will bring joy to your family!

creative christmas decoration ideas advent calendar

 Cute paper bags

cool advent calendar ideas christmas fun decor ideas


 Cute Christmas stockings on a string

christmas stockings advent calendar ideas creative christmas decor

 Cute mittens

advent calendar christmas decoration ideas mittens

A pillow with small pockets for counting the days till Christmas

Christmas indoor decoration advent calendar pillow

 Small cups on a wooden board for sweet surprises

Advent Calendar cups numbers for small sweets christmas decor

 Hide a poem or a loving message in each envelope

Advent Calendar style loving messages envelope

 Colourful stockings for each day till Christmas

joyful advent caledar ideas colorful stockings

 Buy some gift boxes and make a cute advent calendar

christmas decoration ideas advent white gift boxes

 Hang the calendar on a wall or a door

Christmas wall decoration advent calendar textile pockets

 The pockets for each day of the calendar can be decorated with different winter symbols

creative advent calendar ideas pockets wrapped gifts

 Easy to make calendar for the kids room

easy to make advents calendar ideas Nursery Christmas Tree

 Christmas mantel decoration made of glasses

easy cards and numbered glasses

 Easy to craft Christmas decor – paper bags

easy advent calendar ideas for home stockings bags

 Boxes on a white board – minimalist style idea

Wood box minimalist christmas decor

joyful christmas multicoloured glitter ornaments

stylish lace advent calendar mantel garland

calendar ideas colourful gift drawers

christmas decoration ideas bags on a board

christmas ideas small gift boxes

merry advent ideas stockings letters gift bags

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