Primitive Christmas tree ornaments and decoration in primitive style

by Kremy

primitive christmas tree ornaments and decoration ideas diy christmas ornaments

Primitive Christmas tree ornaments and decoration are characterized with simplicity and their most characteristic feature is that they are handmade. In this style there are no color or other restrictions but, typically, primitive Christmas trees do not feature multi-colored ornaments. The color concept is restrained to natural colors, traditional green and red, white, sometimes blue. Decorating such trees means that you do not necessarily buy the decorations or if you buy them, they should be made of natural materials or fabric – wood, pine cones, berries, conifer branches, etc. – and the ornaments are environmentally friendly. The fans of the true primitive style are aware that artificial trees are not an option. The Christmas trees should be living and as an option one can choose a simple pallet Christmas tree.

How to choose primitive Christmas tree ornaments?

primitive christmas tree ornaments and decoration ideas diy tree ornaments


Many people confuse primitive style and rustic style and it is quite understandable as these two styles have many similarities and both styles are a good choice for the decor, especially if there are young children in the house. Typical primitive Christmas tree ornaments are the ones crafted from scrap materials like paper, yarn, pack thread or natural materials like cones, leaves, acorns, and even seashells from the sea. Crochet ornaments also are a suitable choice and if you are skilled at the art of crocheting you can craft snowflakes, balls or other. Pompoms or other primitive hand-maid ornaments – stars, hearts, etc. are also suitable. Edible ornaments – candy, apples, carrots are another idea and you can use dried citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, bags of spices as tree decoration. Handmade angles, candles also work with the concept for primitive Christmas decoration, so you see, the choice is really vast.

DIY primitive Christmas tree ornaments ideas

 button crafts rag wrapped balls

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and one of the most magical holidays. The holidays are so special because everyone – from small children to grown-ups – are happily preparing for the holiday. Some people are focused on delicious meals, others – on fun activities, but without exception, the festive Christmas decor is the first thing that defines the holiday. We selected some gorgeous DIY primitive Christmas tree ornaments ideas which are easy to craft and will not require a financial investment as all you need is some fabric or materials that you can collect when strolling in the park. Some traditional decorations have survived the ever changing fashions in almost unchanged form – balls, stars, bells – and you can craft them in an afternoon. Use rag strips to wrap balls of various sizes, pieces or wood bark to cut stars or bell shapes, pine cones and acorns can be used creatively as decorations so you have a magical decor.

primitive decoration ideas wood bark

 decoration ideas mini tree


decoration ideas table decor

 decoration ideas simple decor

 decoration diy christmas ornaments rag balls

 decoration ideas primitive style

 primitive style decor

ideas primitive sheep ornaments

diy christmas ornaments cloth mitten

primitive tree ornaments ideas

diy table decoration ideas

diy wreath ideas primitive tree decoration

primitive tree ideas diy ornaments

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