Rustic Christmas decor ideas – fun crafts and DIY Christmas decorations

by Kremy

rustic christmas decor ideas christmas tree decoration

Rustic Christmas decor ideas are all the opposite of the urban glamor. They have the warmth of natural materials, the naive beauty of handmade Christmas decorations and even if you live in a contemporary styled apartment you can have the beauty of heartwarming rustic Christmas decorations.

rustic christmas decor ideas natural materials diy tree ornaments


What is most typical for the majority of rustic Christmas decor ideas is the lack of glitter and artificial materials. In a rustic home decor you would see a stone fireplace, wooden furniture, curtains with floral pattern, comfortable pillows, checkered tablecloths, soft lighting, and even woven rugs. You do not imagine an artificial Christmas tree in the middle of all that, do you? A real Christmas tree should be the centerpiece of your rustic Christmas decorations and you can get creative and craft all the ornaments and other decorative items on your own.


Rustic Christmas decor ideas – the beauty of simplicity and natural materials

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Rustic Christmas decor ideas are based on the principles for simplicity which is one of the main characteristics of the rustic style. Provence, French country, Tuscan, Shabby chic – all these styles have rustic elements which gives you a lot of freedom in choosing the color theme of your rustic decorations.

 diy christmas tree ornaments

For example terracotta and orange are the typical colors for Tuscan decors, green and lavender shades for French country style, English country style offers red and green combined with white while for a Shabby chic decor you can choose the neutral shades of burlap. However, in all these design styles wood, stone, leather, metal, linen and hemp are the dominant materials.

diy christmas tree ornaments vintage tree ornaments

When you think of Rustic Christmas decorations you can vividly imagine a quiet Christmas, the smell of fir twigs, the mistletoe hanging above the doors and the bright red berries, the aroma of freshly baked cookies and the twinkling lights of candles in metal lanterns. People who think that rustic style Christmas decors are impossible in a modern apartment are quite wrong. You do not need to have a log cabin or a mountain house to create a rustic Christmas decor. Even in a modern apartment you can add rustic decorative elements as accents and take advantage of the opportunity to express your individuality and have a unique decoration which will make your home a quiet and cozy place, shared with family and friends. There are many decorative techniques which can help you with ideas for rustic Christmas decorations and many DIY craft project tutorials. For example the technique of decoupage is suitable for making various decorative items with the typical worn out look and shabby appearance.


Rustic Christmas decor ideas – tips for the main elements of the festive decorations

 living room decorating ideas christmas tree fireplace

Rustic Christmas decoration ideas can be very impressive and a beautiful option to decorate your home. Generally, rustic Christmas decor ideas have the same elements as most of the decorative styles – a Christmas tree, Christmas wreaths, tree ornaments, garlands, wall and staircase decorations, festive table decorations, etc. We shall look at the main elements and how you can use them in your home for a true rustic Christmas atmosphere.

 wreath real christmas tree table centerpiece

As we mentioned earlier, a real Christmas tree is essential in rustic Christmas decor. You can choose a traditional Christmas decor in red and green or opt for natural colors. Use a clay pot, a tin bucket or an old wooden pail to place the tree. These will add extra rustic charm to your rustic decor. To decorate the Christmas tree with rustic tree ornaments you can use red or white bows, burlap garlands, gingerbread cookies, rag wrapped balls, pine cone ornaments and tree ornaments made of dried fruits or any other natural materials.

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Rustic Christmas decor ideas feature amazingly beautiful Christmas wreaths and garlands made of evergreen branches and decorated with pine cones, berries or wooden embellishments. The wreaths can decorate the fireplace, the windows, the front door or the walls. Decorate the staircase with garlands made of conifer twigs and your home will greet you, your family members and friends with a fantastic fresh scent.

 stone fireplace christmas stockings

The fireplace if the gathering place of every home especially at Christmas time. Decorating the fireplace requires some special attention. In addition to the Christmas wreaths and garlands you can add candles and of course, the Christmas stockings.


Rustic Christmas decor ideas for a festive table

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As much as the fireplace gathers the family, the festive table is the other important place where the family celebrates and gathers for the Christmas Eve dinner or the Christmas lunch. We selected some adorable ideas for table decoration which will give you inspiration and will show you how to use simple natural materials in many creative ways. When planning your rustic Christmas table decorations you should make sure the colors are in harmony with the overall Christmas color theme. For example, if you prefer natural colors you can combine a white tablecloth with burlap runners. A centerpiece of wooden logs and candles will work perfectly with the neutral color scheme. Even some pine cones in a wooden bowl will give you the charm and warmth of the rustic atmosphere. For traditional green red Christmas decorations the bright red berries and the fresh green of fir or pine twigs are the perfect solution.

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Remember that the main feature of rustic Christmas decor ideas is the simplicity. Accents and details will transform the home and give you the specific character that you need. Hand-made ornaments on the Christmas tree, a vintage tea set on a silver tray, a banner of Christmas cards and clothespins – all these details will add to the festive atmosphere in your home. Rustic Christmas decorations are the perfect choice for all people who are tired of glossy and artificial decorations as this style is all about is natural, environmentally friendly and unpretentious materials and decorative pieces. Enjoy the gallery with fantastic ideas and get inspired for a cozy and charming holiday time.

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