Horseshoe Christmas tree ideas – DIY Christmas tree craft projects

by Kremy

horseshoe tabletop christmas tree ideas metal art crafts

Horseshoe Christmas tree ideas are a great Christmas craft project for everyone who is attracted to upcycling different materials and items and give them a new life.

horseshoe ideas metal crafts


Horseshoes are made of metal, usually steel or aluminum and in many cultures around the world there is a belief that the horseshoe brings happiness and luck so the custom of hanging a horseshoe over the door of the home is widespread. Making a horseshoe Christmas tree can be a good way to add to your rustic Christmas decor as these trees are very simple and yet they have this special primitive charm.


Horseshoe Christmas tree ideas – a unique present for family and friends

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Many craft stores offer sets of horseshoes made of lighter materials which are perfect for different horseshoe Christmas tree ideas. You can craft beautiful tabletop Christmas trees and give them as a special present to friends, neighbors, acquaintances or anyone to whom you want to wish some good karma and a lot of luck. You can paint the horseshoes in the traditional green color or choose a different finish. You can even visit a flea market and find useless horseshoes which will be the material for your DIY Christmas tree craft project. Cast iron and aluminum horseshoes may be difficult to find but you can find plastic ones which will have the advantage of being lightweight.

Horseshoe Christmas tree that’s bound to be lucky

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Horseshoe Christmas tree ideas will work with Western themed decor as well. Due to the weight, these trees are small, usually table sized, and making one is a relatively simple project. For cast iron and aluminum horseshoes you will need a soldering tool, but if you found plastic horseshoes some strong adhesive will be all you need. Make the horseshoe Christmas tree two or three days in advance to allow plenty of cooling and drying time before use. With the help of a soldering tool you can create a firm bond between the individual horseshoes. Solder the horseshoes together in a base line. You can use four, five or more horseshoes. Add another line which will have three horseshoes (or the relevant number of elements). Add a third and if necessary a fourth line and when your three is done allow the solder to cool completely. Use spray paint and Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. You can hang the tree on a wall or place it standing by the fireplace. Iron horseshoe tree is fireproof and you will not be worried that it will catch fire.

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