How to set a festive Christmas table decoration in style

by Kremy

 Christmas table decoration berries

We all know that miracles happen at Christmas time. Holiday dinners are so special because of the gathering of the whole family, beloved friends and it would be so much more pleasant if the table is set in style. Christmas table decoration must be planned with measure and taste. Otherwise there is risk of a crowded mess as a final result and a complete disappointment to the hosts and guests. Here are some inspirations for you.

table runners napkins christmas accents


It is well known that man eats with his eyes before his mouth. To have a stylish X-mas start with the right table cloth. It will be a good idea to choose one with winter figures – stars, trees, snowflakes. Another idea is to go for the traditional white but accent it with red runners. Embroidered Christmas ornaments on napkins are stylish and beautiful too. Move on to the centerpiece. A silver tray arranged with cones, garlands, ribbons and evergreens will transform a boring arrangement into an artistic creation. For the Christmas table decoration we must not forget the candles. They can be arranged in the center or placed along the table. Finally we have to pay attention to the napkins and the dishes. Elegantly rimmed dinner sets and napkin rings will complement the setting.

vintage china garlands of silver tinsel and beads

If you chose to have a minimalist style ornamentation- a wreath with candles in the center of the table will do the trick. Traditional Christmas decorations for table will be in white, green and red – the colours of the holiday. A jolly decoration may also include an explosion of colours as a centerpiece on a white table. Once you have chosen your style – the rest is easy and you can have a great time!

  Brown table chrismas elegance

Christmas table decoration Country style

elegant white sophisticated setting

Gleaming silver green cloth and green accents on white

mustard and green red natural decoration

stylish christmas decoration

white table vintage accents pink purple flowers


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