How to Use Modern Appetizer Plates as Festive Table Decoration?

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Modern appetizer plates, being part of your tableware, are of great importance. They help you serve your food in an elegant and stylish way and create a festive atmosphere at the table. Not a single festive table is complete without beautiful plates. Appetizer plates vary in depths, shapes and diameters. There are both universal plates and platters and specialized ones, which are used somewhat less often.

How to Use Modern Appetizer Plates as Festive Table Decoration

The ability to set a table beautifully is an important skill not only for restaurant or catering employees, but also for housewives. To impress your guests, you need to know how to display your appetizers in a spectacular way.

How to Choose Your Appetizer Plates?

How to Choose the Shape of Your Appetizer Plates


Nowadays the market offers a huge variety of modern appetizer plates made of different materials. Of course, the choice will depend on the particular food that you are serving. For example – choose beautiful bowls for dips, deep bowls for salads, flat platters or dishes for crudites, etc. When choosing appetizer plates for your festive table, you need to pay attention to the following:


Types Of Appetizer Plates that You Need to Have

Porcelain is a good option. This is a classic material that is not influenced by time. High -quality porcelain tableware will never go out of style. Such plates will give a sophisticated look even to an ordinary family tea party. Wooden dinnerware is super trendy and offers a modern, sleek look. Wood is a natural material, durable and eco-friendly. Ceramic plates are also environmentally friendly and you can find unique designer tableware with beautiful shapes and colors. Glass is a versatile material, the main advantages of which are unpretentious maintenance and affordable price.


black appetizer plates modern tableware

White plates are classic. Food always looks attractive on a white background. White plates with an unobtrusive pattern or thin gilding look exceptionally elegant and will complement any table. However, modern appetizer plates come in a variety of colors – dark blue, black or with seasonal patterns for holidays like Christmas or Easter and will add to the festive mood of the diners.


round wooden plates how to serve appetizers

Round or oval plates are not the only option for serving your appetizers. Now you can find modern plates in various shapes – square, rectangular, designer plates with unusual shapes, etc.

Functionality and practicality

appetizer plates festive table ideas

Many appetizer plates are microwavable and oven safe. This allows you heat any food that you need to serve hot. If you opt for dishwasher safe plates, you will clean quickly and easily after your party, festive dinner or any other event.

What Type Of Appetizer Plates Do You Need to Have?

Christmas appetizer plates festive table ideas

Each of us faces the question of choosing tableware. We want to buy a beautiful and high-quality set of dishes that will delight us for many years. Appetizer plates bring style to casual gatherings or larger events. You can serve side salads, desserts, breads, small appetizers, dips, etc.

Flat appetizer plates and platters

Flat appetizer plates and platters are ideal to serve cold cuts and snacks, fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc. Large platters are evenly placed on the table so that everyone present can easily reach the food served in this plate.

How to serve appetizers Ceramic Snacks Plates with Bamboo Tray

Snacks plates are usually small and often come in a set with a serving tray or platter. They come in a wide variety of shapes and you can use them to serve nuts, dried fruits, dips, fresh vegetables, candy, chocolates, etc.

Compartment appetizer plates festive tableware

Compartment appetizer plates (divided plates) are very easy to recognize. The plate is divided into several sections and different food is placed in each one. In some cases, each sector contains one of the ingredients in the dish. These plates allow you to combine sweet and savory appetizers in the different sections.

Deviled Egg trays and platters Appetizer plates ideas

Egg trays and platters are designed for serving boiled eggs. These are ideal for deviled eggs as well. The main feature of such a plate is the presence of grooves at the bottom, into which it is convenient to put boiled eggs. The shape of such plates can be round, square, oval, or shaped as a bird (usually a chicken), a butterfly, a flower, etc.

modern tableware and appetizer plates salad bowls

Salad bowls can be used both for a festive table and for an ordinary family dinner. Salad bowls come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Many are equipped with matching cutlery – tongs or serving spoon.

Appetizer Plates Ideas Holiday Charcuterie Board

Elegant table setting, beautiful tablecloth and spectacular food presentation will impress family and guests. One of the main roles in this is the choice and arrangement of plates so we hope you will be inspired by the photos in the article.


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