Christmas stocking pattern – an eye catching decoration for the holidays

by Kremy

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Christmas stocking pattern ideas come in a wide variety and you can see hundreds of models ranging from beautiful crochet patterns, adorable patterns crafted with colorful fabrics to paper patterns. Christmas stockings are a popular element of the holidays. On the one hand, it is a wonderful interior decoration and most often the stockings are hung over the fireplace, but you can hang them on the wall, and even on the Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve Santa Clause will fill them with candy and treats and kids find them on Christmas morning. On the other hand you can choose Christmas stocking patterns which will be a nice packaging for gifts. Many people think that this is just another fun way to decorate the home or give toys and sweets, but the custom of hiding the gifts in Christmas stockings has a long story.

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The origin of the tradition to hang Christmas stockings is hidden in different legends and stories and despite the fact that there is no written records of the origin of this charming tradition, it has become a part of the Christmas magic. You may have heard the story of Santa visiting a small town on Christmas Eve where a poor man lived with his three daughters. The man was worried that because of poverty he will not be able to provide a worthy dowry for his daughters, and no one will marry them. Santa Claus heard of the man’s worries and decided to help the family but realizing that the man was proud and will not take money, he decided to help in secret. When he came in through the chimney in the house of the poor man there was no Christmas tree, no Christmas decoration, only laundered socks and stockings were hung on the fireplace and that is where Santa left his gifts. When the girls woke up in the morning they found the precious gifts and that is how the custom of hanging Christmas stockings on the fireplace began.

Christmas stocking pattern – How to make

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You can buy beautiful Christmas stockings but it is much more interesting to make them on your own, even with the children and create a family tradition – crafting Christmas stockings before each Christmas and run to check for the small presents hidden inside in the morning! We selected some cute Christmas stocking pattern ideas which you can use as a Christmas craft inspiration – crochet stocking patterns, stocking knitted patterns, patterns for decorating personalized stockings, etc.

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If you know how to knit, you still have time to knit Christmas stockings for every member of the family. Simply choose a Christmas pattern – Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, penguins, reindeer, etc. You can ask your grandmother for help and she would love to get involved in the project.

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If you do not know how to knit you can use old knitted socks, preferably long ones. As you know, it happens very often that one of the stockings gets lost and you have one lonely useless stocking but this is exactly what you need! It can be decorated with beads, buttons, small Christmas balls, bright red ribbon, spruce twigs, etc. This is an excellent DIY Christmas stocking idea suitable for children. You can use different pieces of colorful textile and cut deer, moose, snowman or Christmas tree silhouettes. Use your imagination and let the children create their own Christmas stocking patterns. Make sure to add a small loop for hanging the sock.

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If you do not have a sock you can use a pair or buy cheap knitted stockings on the market. You can decorate them with crystals, bells, beads, even candy or pieces of fabric cut from old sweaters. The traditional Christmas stocking features red fabric with an edging of green. If you are skilled at sewing then this is the right Christmas craft for you. Once you finish the stocking you can use various embellishments to decorate it.

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Often Christmas stocking pattern have the name of each family member. When you want to make personalized Christmas stockings, embroider the name or the monogram of the owner of the stocking and it is possible to write “Mom”, “Dad”, “daughter”, etc.

Christmas stocking pattern

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Making Christmas stockings does not necessarily require much time. You can choose a simple stocking pattern and for a couple of hours you will have beautiful stockings. You do not have to buy special materials or fabrics, you can use old pieces of fabrics that you have in a drawer, old sweaters or an old woolen blanket or a shirt. In this way you will give a second life to things that are old or you no longer use.

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Use a sheet of paper or a cardboard and draw you Christmas stocking pattern. The main thing is the right size. The size will depend on the size of the gifts. Optionally, you can make pointed toes so the sock will be more like a boot.

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Use the template and cut two pieces of fabric. Stitch the two parts at the edges and turn from the inside out. Thus the stitches will remain inside. You can add a decorative edge from another piece of fabric, satin ribbons, lace and decorate with bows, bells, snowflakes, etc.

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Traditionally, Christmas stockings are hung along the mantelpiece. However, do not be discouraged if your house does not have a fireplace, because stockings are designed for delivery of gifts and interior decoration, so they can be hung anywhere – around the bed of the child, above the door, on the wall, window frame, etc.

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