Christmas Decorations with Glass Jars in 12 DIY Ideas to Try Now!

by Kristiyana

How to make original, creative, trendy, and inexpensive winter holiday decorations this year? Does this seem impossible to you? Think again! Today, I am sharing with you 12 magical ideas for Christmas decorations with glass jars that will completely transform your home! 

Christmas Decorations with Glass Jars in 12 DIY Ideas to Try Now!

christmas decorations with glass jars easy diy ideas

Whether you’re looking to keep your kids busy over the weekend or planning gifts, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Christmas decorations with glass jars are open to many interpretations and allow the creation of several magical objects that will beautify every room in your house during the holidays. And it will cost you almost nothing!

Festive DIY Decoration That Shines Brightly

decoration with glass jars christmas light garland candy canes

When it comes to decorating with glass jars, it’s all about string lights, no matter the season. This first idea shows us the ideal way to decorate your jars in a festive spirit. It’s also the easiest way to do it. Get some glass jars, mini LED string lights and decorative objects of your choice: fir branches, pine cones, candy canes, etc. Fill the jars with the decorations and you’re ready to go! These pretty decorative elements will brighten up your living room or bedroom, adding a touch of romance and festivity in equal measure.

Make Christmas Tealight Holders with Glass Jars

make christmas tealight holders with snow effect glass jars

For this DIY project, you must first create the snowy effect of your jars, which is super simple. Mix 80g/1/4 cup of Epsom salt with 1/2 teaspoon of white flakes and stir. This quantity will be enough for a medium-sized jar. Then take a sponge brush, apply a layer of white glue (Mod Podge) to the entire glass and carefully sprinkle the mixture on top using a teaspoon. Seal with clear spray paint and let dry well.

Finally, all that remains is to add your decorative elements to give the final touches to your festive tealight holders. Start by wrapping jute thread and securing with hot glue. Do the same with the fir branches, red berries and pine cones. Place a LED candle in each jar and that’s it!

make christmas tealight holders with glass jars red berry cinnamon sticks

This Christmas jar decorating tutorial is actually an idea my boyfriend and I came up with. We created several to surprise our loved ones for the festive season. It takes no time at all to make. Cover the jar with a piece of burlap and fix with hot glue. Next, glue on the branches, red berries and cinnamon stick. Tie with jute twine, place a LED candle and voilà!

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Christmas Decorations with Glass Jars & Ornaments

christmas decorations with glass jars fake snow decorative tree

Another quick and easy idea to create without spending too much: a winter landscape inside a festive jar! To recreate snow, you can use either Epsom salt or fake snow sold in craft stores. Place a layer at the bottom of the jar, adjust the light garland and insert the decorative tree at the end.

cheap christmas decorations with glass jars upside down idea

A similar tutorial, but much easier to recreate! You only need to glue the decorative tree inside the jar cap and close it. An original, minimalist and upside-down decoration!

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A reindeer and pompoms for a decorative object that embodies the warm spirit of the holidays

christmas decorations with glass jars reindeer pompoms fake snow

Fake snow, fir branches & pine cones: The essentials for a Christmas decoration with a glass jar

christmas decoration tutorial with jars fake snow pine cones fir branches

Choose fine LED light garlands for your magical decor

cheap christmas decorations with glass jars

All kinds of decorative objects are at your disposal!

diy christmas decoration with glass jars

Mason jars are the most preferred for this type of decoration

how to decorate a glass jar for christmas diy idea decorative trees

The easiest way to make a jar festive is to add a ribbon & a candle

christmas decoration with glass jar easy diy idea

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