DIY Christmas decorations: Find Christmas crafts with jars ideas that can help you bring in the holiday spirit!

by Gabby

Are you counting the days before Christmas? I will do the counting for you. There are currently 24 days left! It is certainly the most beautiful and cozy time of the year. We make time in our busy schedules to spend it with our families and create beautiful memories. What better to do than making homemade Christmas decorations? Have you tried making anything with jars? Let’s find out some of the best ideas for Christmas crafts with jars!

DIY Christmas decorations: Christmas crafts with jars

christmas crafts with jars homemade decorations DIY art how to make it yourself easy family activity for the holidays

Isn’t there something just so magical about jars that remind us of our childhood? I remember we used them for catching bugs and creating tiny homes for them. Another memory that pops in my head is the delicious taste of my grandmother strawberry jam. Now it is time to use them as our Christmas decoration! There are plenty of DIY crafts that you can make and enjoy it with your family for the holidays. They are easy and quick to make and will not hit your budget, as we know holidays can be expensive. Check out some of the best ideas for homemade Christmas decorations!

Homemade outdoor Christmas decorations: Fairy lights in a jar for Christmas

homemade christmas decoration fairy lights in a jar DIY crafts and art


You want to bring a little bit of magic to your home? This simple DIY jar with fairly lights will do the perfect job. Why do you think these lights are called like that? Because they resemble little fairies, of course! All you need is an empty mason jar, or you can use any that you have at home, and fairy lights. You can make several and place them at different stops in your home. It will create this cozy feeling, and they will look like glass lanterns. If you have a veranda you can use them as your homemade outdoor Christmas decorations. What I have seen people do is making a little path with them to the Christmas tree, which will show Santa where to leave the presents!

String light decoration with small jars and fairy lights

string light christmas jars decorations DIY homemade arts and crafts

Using the method from above, you can buy mini jars and put fairly lights in them. Grab a string and make them into the perfect Christmas garland! It is very easy to make, and it will take just a few minutes. Even though the jars are small, I would not recommend putting them on your Christmas tree. You can place them around your fireplace, or above a window. Use a stronger string, so it can hold the jars well.

Christmas potpourri in a jar

christmas potpourri in a jar DIY decorations crafts and arts homemade

Do you want your house to smell like Christmas? This can be easily achieved by making potpourri in a jar. You will not only get this perfect scent, but it will also look amazing as a decoration for your table. Grab a bowl and put water in it. On a medium heat bowl the water and put all the Christmas ingredients that you want in your jar. You can use cinnamon sticks, orange, nutmeg, apple slices, pines or essential oils. Then drain all the ingredient and leave them to dry. Put them into your jar and enjoy the remarkable scent that will go around your house!

Christmas jar decoration with fake snow

christmas jar decoration fake snow ornaments DIY homemade easy fun family activity

This is one of the Christmas crafts with jars that I enjoy the most! You can create the most perfect Christmas scenarios with your ornaments and some fake snow. For this project you will need empty clean jars, some Christmas ornaments, decorations that you like and fake snow. Do you know that you can DIY fake snow? Let’s try to make these masterpieces this holiday!

Christmas crafts with jars: How to create snowy frosted jar decorations?

Do you need a candleholder for the center of your table this year! This easy snowy mason jar candleholder will make the atmosphere so much cozier! You can watch the video for the step-by-step tutorial. Ask your family to join you and start making these frosted jar crafts. You can use pine and pine cones to decorate them. If you already learned how to make fake snow, this will come in handy for this project as well.

Christmas gifts in a jar

christmas gifts in a jar homemade decorations idea crafts and art trendy holiday decor

Christmas gifts in a jar is one of the latest holidays trends and I cannot get enough! If someone of your family loves sweets, and they always ask a cookie recipe, this is the ideal gift. You can layer all the needed ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe in a jar, and give it to them as a gift. The good thing is that they can use the jar afterwords, and make a craft of their own. These are just stunning and cute, and will look perfect as a decoration on your kitchen shelves as well. It doesn’t have to be a recipe, you can fill them with hot cocoa, or cereals. If you find a jar large enough, you don’t have to fill it up with food ingredients. You can place some cosmetics, socks, or even some Christmas pajamas.

Cupcake in a jar 

cupcake in jar christmas gift ideas decoration homemade recipe

Speaking of food in a jar, have you heard of cupcake in a jar? This is also one of the best DIY Christmas gifts that can make someone smile. For the sweets lovers, you can make them their favorite Christmas cupcake, but in a jar!

Other ideas for Christmas crafts with jars

christmas crafts with jars homemade decorations indoor outdoor ideas easy quick to make

Tiny Christmas jar figurines 

christmas jars figurines DIY projects arts and crafts homemade decorations

Pine and jars decorations for your Christmas table 

pine and jars decoration for christmas table ideas homemade indoor trendy

A jar filled with your Christmas wishes for your loved ones 

jar filled with christmas wishes gift DIY craft ideas decorations how to create it

Jar ornament for the Christmas tree 

how to make christmas jar ornament DIY instructions ideas easy crafts

Jar snow globes Christmas decoration 

how to make snowglobes with jars instead christmas decoration ornaments fake snow

The perfect minimalistic Christmas jar decoration 

christmas jar decoration craft how to make it simple easy ideas trends fake snow

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