Top 10 most beautiful winter flowers: Flowers of winter best to plant now!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Winter has finally arrived, but that doesn’t mean that we should leave our gardens be and not give our best to improve them during colder weather! Peaking out of your window to see your beautiful and colourful garden as the snow falls, would be such a pleasurable experience, that would make you proud of the work you did! Why not create the best winter garden look this year with the top 10 picks for most beautiful winter flowers that will add colour and magic to your garden?! Let’s go!

1. Winter primrose flowers

winter primrose-primsore planting

To start off with our top 10 picks for winter flowers, we have the beautiful and delicate primrose. Primroses are extremely cold-hardy flowers, and will delight your garden with their amazing, vibrant colours during these cold days. You can plant them in the ground or in containers. Primroses enjoy a partial shade and should be watered regularly. For their soil, it would be best if it was slightly more acidic and well-drained. When you are feeding them, use a half-strength fertilizer.

2. Poppy flowers for winter

poppies_poppies planting

Sow poppies’ seeds outside in winter and wait for their sunny blossoms to adorn your garden! Poppies are one of those rare plants that thrive when exposed to cold temperatures. They enjoy direct sunlight, regular watering, and soil that drains well. Until they are well-established, be sure to feed them lightly. Enjoy their bright red colours in your winter garden!

3. Winter delphinium flower

delphinium-delphinium planting

Plant this marvellous long and tall plant in late winter to enjoy it by spring time! Delphiniums should be planted in the ground, in dry soil, as these plants can’t thrive if their soil is too soggy. They require regular watering and fertilization, and should be displayed in full sun. The vibrant winter flowers can grow up to 6 feet/1.8 m tall, so you can even enjoy their shade during sunny times!

4. Christmas rose flowers

christmas rose planting_what flowers to plant in winter

The beautiful snow-white Christmas rose, or Helleborus niger, blooms from November to March when it delights your garden with its elegance. The flower is almost completely unaffected by snow or frost, so it will be a great addition to your winter garden! Christmas roses thrive when they are planted in partial shade, in a moist, but well-drained soil. Mulch the flowers annually with compost or manure. Cut back their old leaves as new flowers and greenery appear.

5. Winter heather flowers

december flowers_winter flowers

Enjoy more beautiful and bright colours in your winter garden with heather flowers! Heathers should be planted in the ground, in an acidic, preferably moist soil. But be sure that it’s not too soggy. The flowers thrive when they are planted in beds that are all to themselves. They should be positioned in your garden in a place that is mostly unshaded throughout the day. After the heathers are planted, be sure to keep their soil evenly moist. Fertilize once with plant food at planting time.

6. Pansies flowers

pansies flowers_flowers to grow in winter

There is something about Pansies that I have always loved, but I can’t really put my finger on it. They are just so simple, yet delicate and beautiful. A great addition to any garden! And pansies can basically withstand any harsh weather conditions, so they are the perfect choice for a winter garden. Plant them in partial shade, in a loose, but slightly acid soil. Make sure the soil is properly drained. Give them liquid fertilizer and water-soluble every two to three weeks. For growth, cut back the older pansies.

7. Winter daphne flower

daphne_flowers of winter best

Yet another lovely winter flower, plant daphnes in your garden to enjoy their beautiful pink colours! These flowers bloom in later winter and early spring. They can be planted in the ground, but also in containers, gravel gardens and areas of dry shade. The soil must be well-drained, moisture-retentive and neutral to slightly alkaline. Daphne flowers enjoy a sheltered position in partial shade, or in the sun if the roots are shaded. Water them deeply every two weeks.

8. Snowdrop flowers

snowdrops_planting snowdrops

What’s not to love about snowdrops? One of the loveliest winter to spring flowers! Plant this delicate flower as dry snowdrop bulbs in moist, but well-drained soil and enjoy their beauty by spring time. Snowdrops require to be positioned in partial shade, and deep watered once every week for the first four weeks after they have been planted. During this time, the soil should be slightly moist, so the snowdrops don’t dry out as it often happens. You can also improve the soil with compost to preserve its moisture.

9. Calendulas for winter

calendula flowers_winter flowers

Do you want to add some cheer to your winter garden? Go with the bright yellow and orange calendula flowers to make your garden the talk of the neighbourhood! These flowers thrive in full sun, but will need some shade during warmer weather as they don’t like the heat. Water them frequently until they are fully established, after which do so occasionally. Their soil should be rich and well-drained. Calendulas are hardy, but they will not withstand a hard freeze. To protect them from frost, cover the flowers with a blanket overnight.

10. Winter cyclamen flowers

cyclamen flowers_winter flowers

Yet another beautiful hardy perennial in pink! Cyclamen flowers need to be positioned in a cool, but bright spot to thrive. Make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight. If you want to keep the flower only for one season, plant it in a pot. But if you want it to remain from year to year, you should plant the cyclamen in a loam-based compost. The soil should be kept moist, but not too much, as that often is the main reason this flower dies. During winter, water them roughly every ten days.

I hope you all enjoyed my list of the top 10 picks for most beautiful winter flowers, and are currently choosing between which you should go with for your own garden! Why not go with all of them?! And if you want to also add some colour and freshness to your balcony during winter, why not take a look at our ideas for hardy balcony flowers? Enjoy!




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