Hardy balcony flowers that will add color and freshness to your outdoor space during the cold months!

by Kremy

As the winter solstice approaches and Father Frost snags our noses, the falling temperatures, shorter days and holiday rush distract people from their gardens. But just because the season is wintering doesn’t mean your green thumb should fall into a deep sleep. Green thumbs never hibernate. The time might even be perfect to revive your desire for a sparkling balcony. We have selected some hardy balcony flowers that will brighten up and refresh your outdoor space this winter.

Proper growing conditions for hardy balcony flowers

Hardy balcony flowers to add color to your outdoor space

Choose plastic for your pots and garden boxes, it has the advantage that it does not crumble in frost. You can cover up the plastic with wooden boxes. Provide a depth of at least 40 cm for small shrubs. Plant very densely (the plants are not yet in the vegetation phase) in a special balcony plant soil mixture. Remember to provide the bottom of the pot with a drainage layer (clay pebbles and garden textiles) because waterlogging and cold don’t pair well.

Also, put a partition between the pots and the ground to protect them from the cold and prevent them from sinking into puddles when it rains. Make sure boxes are out of the way of drafts, keep them behind windshields. Also have a few pieces of fleece ready for the winter, for example bubble wrap or styrofoam, which are useful in severe cold. Below we explain which balcony flowers are hardy!

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Holly for a fresh look on the balcony

Plant holly for a fresh look on the balcony


Can you think of winter plants without imagining one of the most popular holiday plants? Honestly, Christmas isn’t the same without the iconic red holly berries, set against the glossy, thorny green leaves in wreaths and garlands. Make your balcony the talk of the neighborhood this winter season by planting a dense evergreen of your own. They can survive even the biting cold and often stay put until late winter (at least until hungry birds finish them off).

Winter heathers are evergreen and easy to care for

Hardy balcony flowers heathers are evergreen and easy care

Evergreen, small, low-maintenance, manageable and long-blooming winter heathers are the perfect choice for sprucing up your balcony this season. They are hardy, flower regardless of wind and rain and are ideal as container plants. Plant them in a container or pot on your balcony, relax by the window with a warm drink and watch them return each winter in beautiful shades of white, purple and pink.

Skimmia japonica for exotic sophistication

Skimmia japonica is covered with deep red flower buds that survive the winter

Skimmia japonica ‘Rubella’ has glossy foliage and is covered in clusters of long lasting dark red flower buds that last through the winter before opening into white-pink flowers in spring. And when winter comes to an end, you can bring the potted plants into the garden to continue growing.

Hellebores bloom even in cold weather

Hellebores bloom even in cold weather and they can thrive on your balcony

There aren’t many plants that bloom at the height of winter. But the icy January snow is no problem for the hardy Hellebores. This pretty winter gem with its elegant flowers and evergreen foliage thrives even in the coldest season and is undoubtedly one of the plants that will brighten up your balcony this year.

Coral bells for color and texture

Coral bells provide color and structure even in the cold months

With their colorful foliage, coral bells will soon be among the plants that provide color and structure on the balcony on dark days. They are hardy, evergreen plants, so you can confidently plant them in pretty much any light condition. Still, you probably want to make sure their blooms and beautiful foliage will return next year. If so, give your plants a little TLC this winter.

Winter pansies survive freezing temperatures

The flowers were bred to survive freezing temperatures

These dainty flowers were bred to survive freezing temperatures. They falter easily in extreme conditions and bounce back when temperatures rise. With their colorful varieties and cheeky “faces”, they are definitely the plants that will refresh your balcony this winter. And if they are planted and cared for properly, they will come back next year.

Camellia adds color to outdoor spaces

Camellias provide a beautiful pop of color

Camellias are not particularly hardy, but they do well in a sheltered spot. They bloom in winter and add a nice splash of color, and the glossy leaves are deep green.

Hardy flowers for the balcony: cyclamen

Cyclamens are winter flowers

Cyclamen are winter flowers that have a great color. They’re also compact, which means they look great in small pots. You can even put them in hanging pots.



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