Christmas stair decorating: Creative and festive ideas to try in December 2022!

by Anjelina

As we approach Christmas, the most magical time of the year, our desire to decorate our home to make it feel truly festive increases! Besides the traditional Christmas tree, we usually decorate many other parts of our home – the front door, the fireplace and anywhere else we want. If you have stairs, however, you have no choice but to roll up your sleeves, and work on decorating them for Christmas as well. Even if it’s very minimalistic decor, it can create a feeling of coziness and festive cheer. We’ll show you that you don’t need many skills to tackle Christmas stair decorating at home. We’ve prepared lots of ideas on how to do it, but we encourage you to involve other family members as well, especially if you have children, because decorating is a very exciting moment for everyone! In hindsight, we remember exactly those wonderful moments with our family preparing for the holidays!

Christmas stair decorating ideas 2022

christmas stair decorating pine branches ball ornaments stockings gifts cushion

Beautifully decorated staircases make a home look just as festive as a well-decorated room. Unique staircase decorations will make an impression by becoming a grand greeting to all people who enter your home this Christmas. Garlands, wreaths, mistletoe, gift stockings – you can use everything that comes to your mind to decorate your staircase. Think about how the staircase decoration will fit in with your home’s holiday decorating theme. There’s no point in using traditional red and green colors, large garlands and wreaths if the whole house is decorated in a minimalist style and the predominant colors are different. We’ll help you out with some ideas! Christmas is just a few weeks away, and we have 4 inspiring stair decorations to get you started right now.

Stylish Christmas stair decorating idea

stylish christmas staircase decorating idea candles in jars small deer figurines natural elements


The first idea we have prepared for you is to decorate a staircase in a style that suits your home. Decorate the railing with a lovely garland, made from real tree branches. Then, add decorative elements such as ornaments in silver, to match the entire atmosphere of the home or you can choose decorations in another color that suits your preference. Apart from the beautiful Christmas garland, we have another very creative and romantic idea. Decorate the stairs with jars and place candles or fairy lights in them.  The soft, warm light will create a real coziness and festive mood. In between the jars other decorations, reindeer figurines, natural materials can be arranged in an elegant way. You see, we don’t always have to use a lot of elements, different colors and decorations to create a real festive atmosphere! Sometimes less is actually more!

Giant pom poms

giant pom poms attached to a handrail christmas staircase decor matches the rest

There’s no better time of year to let our imaginations run wild! We offer you a very unconventional suggestion for decorating your staircase for the upcoming holiday! It’s all about decorating with huge crêpe paper pom-poms. You can make them in the color of your choice! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make pompoms. There are numerous pictures, step-by-step tutorials and an affordable masterclasses online. In the past, you had to sign up for a special course to learn a new skill.

How to make crêpe paper pom poms 

crepe paper pom poms festive spirit diy step by step tutorial purple pom poms

Here is a picture with the steps to make crêpe paper pompoms. Making them can be a lot of fun and is definitely a family-friendly activity! Hang them up using thread. Choose the other decorations in the same colors as the pom-poms.

The “Joy” sign

gorgeous Christmas home decor Idea joy sign wreath cardboard glitter foil pine branches

Our next staircase decor idea involves making a Christmas wreath to act as the “O” in the spelling of the word “Joy”. You can make a beautiful wreath out of all-natural materials. Wrap pine branches around a base made of soft wire. Glue on other natural elements such as pine cones, acorns or add a pretty ribbon using a hot silicone gun. You can cut the other two letters out of cardboard, to which you can glue a glitter foil in a color of your choice to give a festive atmosphere. Everyone who looks up at the staircase will be smiling and feeling real joy!

Little gifts for everyone

little gifts for everyone family members guests christmas eve favorite treats home festive decor

Our last suggestion is again very creative. We recommend that you prepare small Christmas gifts for each of the family members and for the guests you will be welcoming. The gifts can be cups in which you can put chocolate, candy or Christmas cookies, or you can use stockings that you can also fill with a variety of treats. Find a prominent place to write the name of who should receive your gift. Then, using a sturdy ribbon or rope twine, attach them to the handrail. Choose festive colors, red, white, green, to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Decorate with some more pine branches or a garland of your choice. Match the decorations on the staircase with those in the other rooms and on the Christmas tree! When you achieve harmony of colours, that will be enough!

Christmas stair decorating – Photo gallery

fairy light ribbons garlands festive spirit staircase christmas decorating

Creative staircase decorating idea

creative idea staircase christmas spirit large tree staircase signs

Magical festive atmosphere

christmas stair decorating ball ornaments stockings gifts fairy lights festive atmoshpere

Elegant decorating idea with natural elements

natural elements pine branches pine cones fairy lights garland staircase christmas

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