How to make a minimalist Christmas tree? 5 beautiful DIY Christmas trees for a simple and elegant New Year’s Eve

by Kremy

When it comes to Christmas decorations, it’s all about personality! While some might love a Christmas full of color and garlands, others cringe at the sight of colored lights. If you belong to the latter group, here is my suggestion: make your own garlands by recycling interesting objects and materials. Opt for a more minimalist Christmas tree. After all, less really is more. If you just want to cut down on your holiday expenses, and keep things simple this year, that’s not a bad idea! To learn how to make a minimalist Christmas tree, check out my favorite tree ideas that will bring life and joy to your home.

Try a minimalist eco-friendly Christmas tree

ecological minimalist Christmas tree winter festive DIY decoration ideas

While real trees use fewer materials and resources to produce than artificial ones, these “ecological” varieties of organically grown trees often have to be ordered and transported from halfway around the world, leaving behind a heavy carbon footprint. Also, once the season is over, countless trees pile up on our already overflowing garbage or left to rot on a roadside dump. With that in mind, here are 5 ideas how to make a minimalist Christmas tree and DIY Christmas trees, and other sustainable alternatives you can decorate your home with this festive season!

DIY Recycled Cardboard Tree

upcycled DIY Christmas gifts decor fir tree idea


It’s time for DIY Christmas crafts 2022! If you don’t know how to make a minimalist Christmas tree, surely you have a pile of leftover boxes, product packaging and deliveries? Why not make a tree with these pieces of cardboard! If you don’t have enough, you can always buy 100% recycled cardboard to reinforce your Christmas creation. Don’t forget to recycle the cardboard once the season is over, or deconstruct and save the piece for next year!

Make a Christmas tree from wood

handmade christmas tree wood lights

Our wooden Christmas tree is a bit rustic, a bit modern and minimalist. It is really very simple to make and something different. It’s a perfect idea for people who can’t have real trees. This tree will be super easy to put away after Christmas! You can simply remove the two lower legs and you will have a very flat tree. No more squishing the tree into a box that is way too small! Well, unless you have multiple trees like us. Look for the simple decorations we used in this DIY. You will need to find copper fairy lights (these are battery operated so your tree can be placed anywhere!). Buy or recycle a few similar garlands. Or, make a pine cone garland for Christmas. Arrange your houseplants and gifts around the tree and the Christmas atmosphere is already there!

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Triangular Christmas tree

alternative christmas tree handmade wood lights eco friendly

I did this with ZERO money out of my pocket! I love projects that I can combine with things I already own. I hope you will do the same! For a modern alternative Christmas tree that can easily blend in your winter decor the rest of the season, have this one with striking triangles. Just build one or more triangles and fill them or decorate their bodies with elegant, cheerful ornaments or with really anything! It is very trendy to use flowers for Christmas tree, to replace the traditional ornaments. What is important that the result brings the Christmas mood into your home! It’s still a great and inexpensive project to make. The size depends on your space and your creativity!

Make an easy origami tree!

easy DIY origami christmas tree green paper eco friendly decoration

Christmas origami projects make holiday decorating easy and fun for the whole family. Plus, sitting down and engaging in some quiet time provides a well-deserved break from your hectic everyday life. Here is a giant origami Christmas tree to make as a DIY project, with a Lego Santa Claus! This magnificent Christmas tree is made up of 7 squares of paper. The largest square measures 50×50 cm/20×20 inches. The following squares measure 45, 40, 35, 30, 25 and 20 cm (18, 16, 14 , 12, 10 and 8 inches). It takes about 30 minutes to cut all the squares and fold them. These 3D origami Christmas trees can be used to make festive cards, tree ornaments or paper garlands. Also use them as a table decoration.

Here’s how to make a minimalist Christmas tree from pallets

minimalist christmas tree pallet wood party gifts decor

This Christmas, why not try creating a tree from pallets? Wooden pallet Christmas trees look great and don’t take up as much space as a traditional tree. You can place this decoration inside or even outside the house. It will look interesting wherever you place it. This craft idea is also surprisingly easy! Select pieces with distinct characteristics, including roughness and knots when choosing the pallet wood you will use for this project. Use the stiff wire brush to scrape the rough, dirty surface. Before starting the project, make sure to brush away any debris. Be creative and come up with your own design for your pallet tree!

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