6 Creative Ideas for Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners

by Kristiyana

Every cat owner knows that as soon as they set up their festive fir green tree, that one troublesome furry roommate is bound to stir up some trouble. What can we do in such situations to prevent possible mishaps? Today at Deavita.net, we are sharing our best ideas for creative Christmas tree alternatives for cat owners.

Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners

wall christmas tree for cat owners

I am lucky enough that my mother has trained our cat to be well-behaved and patient when it comes to our Christmas decorations. And let me tell you, my mom is just crazy about filling each room with garlands, figurines, candles and big or tabletop fir green trees during the holidays. But not every one is lucky enough to have a calm cat like mine, so the upcoming winter festivities beg for some Christmas tree alternatives for cat owners, wouldn’t you say? Here are some of the most popular and unique ideas that you can easily set up!

Christmas Tree Alternative with Wooden Slats

christmas tree for cats to climb

Yes, all Christmas trees are made from wood, but here I am talking about one made from a series of wooden slats. Such an alternative to the classic tree is great for cat owners, as you can create one that is much stronger than the common ones and can stay in place even if your cat decides to climb up on it. It also serves as a great scratch post for your furry friends! You can decorate it in a simple chic style so that there is room for your cat, and to avoid as little damage as possible.

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Festive Tabletop Christmas Tree for Cat Owners

christmas tree options for cat owners small table top tree

A tabletop tree is one of the easiest and cheapest ideas for Christmas tree alternatives for cat owners. Strictly speaking, your cat can still destroy it, but with this option you will have a lot less cleaning up to do later. And you can always get a new one! Opt for either natural or artificial trees that sit on a tabletop. Just be careful with the artificial ones, as some can incorporate fiber optics, and if your cat starts eating the tree this can lead to electrocution.

Hanging an Upside Down Christmas Tree from Ceiling

christmas tree alternatives for cat owners upside down tree

Are you already familiar with this idea? Some folk just love to experiment with different decorative styles over Christmas. Actually, in 12-century Europe, it was traditional to hang an upside down Christmas tree from the ceiling. But you should definitely make sure that it is fully secured. This is a great alternative for cat owners who still want to enjoy the classic Christmas tree look. Keep in mind that your cat will likely try to jump into the tree. Hanging it in the corner might be the best option.

Wall Art Christmas Tree Alternatives for Cat Owners

alternative christmass tree for cat owners on wall

This one is my favorites! You can participate in a lovely family activity by gathering your children and creating original Christmas tree wall art! It’s not complicated it all. You just need to collect some branches and pine cones from a park or forest, get string, decorative ornaments of choice, string lights and set up a beautiful Christmas tree like the one in the picture. Decorate it as you please and simple attach it to the wall.

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Festive Hawaii-themed Christmas tree alternative with a pineapple

cute festive pineapple decorated as a christmas tree

Creative Christmas tree wall decoration to make with your children 

christmas tree wall art

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