10 Trendy Ways to Style a White Shirt for Fall/Winter 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

Once used as a symbol of high status, the white button-down shirt has become an essential and inseparable part of everybody’s closet. Ever since we decided to embrace the art of minimalist dressing, capsule wardrobes have become increasingly popular. Less time spent in front of the mirror means more free time to do other enjoyable things, such as getting your morning matcha from your favorite coffee shop. However, wearing the same thing over and over again for months can get quite tedious. This is why we’re going to show you 10 ways to style a white shirt that will help you reinvent the appearance of this cult buy.

10 Ways to Style a White Shirt

ways to style a white shirt fall winter 2023 2024

The white shirt has had quite the journey from a symbol of wealth in the Victorian era to a uniform of the white-collar corporate worker, and now a fashion statement. The most recent “Black Tie” Valentino collection completely reimagined the way we perceive formal wear by defying dress code and gender norms. Other luxury brands like Prada, Sacai, Proenza Schouler, Alexander McQueen, and more followed up with their own interpretations of the trend, which only helped secure its current relevance and impact. It’s safe to say that the white shirt has no plans on leaving our closets in the foreseeable future, so let’s see how we can break away from the classic tuck and breathe new life into it!

Asymmetrical Half-Tuck

half tucked white shirt brown coat leather pants styling inspo winter 2023 2024

One of my favorite ways to style long shirts is to break the silhouette with a half-tuck. This helps define your waist while allowing you to showcase the structural qualities and elegance of the garment. It’s an effortless, yet elevated look that you can easily style with high-waisted pants, straight jeans, and short skirts.

Redefining the Black Tie

tucked white shirt vest tie outfit idea fall winter trends 2023 2024

Blurring the lines between business and casual clothing has become second nature to the current fashion gurus. If you like to play with androgyny or challenge the status quo, now’s your chance to ride the wave and introduce ties and vests into your wintertime clothing rotation.

Cozy Layering

layered white shirt black turtleneck oversized blazer styling idea 2023

How can you continue to wear your favorite white shirts during the winter without freezing your whole upper body? The answer is very simple – layers. You can easily wear it over a basic black turtleneck and add an oversized blazer or overcoat on top. You can also use this technique if you want to tone down a blouse with a bold print or vibrant color.

v neck knitted sweater white shirt gray blazer business casual outfit idea 2023

Another layering technique that’s a personal favorite of mine is to pair the white shirt with a loose-fit v-neck knitted sweater. This type of styling allows you to play around with accessories and add statement pieces such as a silk Hermès scarf, or layered necklaces.

Effortless Knot

knotted white shirt styling idea sprig summer casual

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with knotted shirts, however, I have to admit that there is something charming about them when styled appropriately. I wouldn’t recommend this look for the fall and winter seasons unless you live in a place with a warm climate. Instead, you can add it to your fashion moldboard for your next European summer vacation!

Backwards Button Down

white backwards shirt styling idea elegant outfit inspiration 2023

If you’re someone who likes to step out of the box and make fashion statements with daring, unorthodox looks, then you probably won’t be one to shy away from giving a new spin (literally) to the white shirt. By styling it backward, the garment reveals a whole new silhouette and neckline, which makes it feel like you’re wearing a completely different piece of clothing.

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off the shoulder white button down shirt styling idea woman over 50

This playful way of styling a button-down is great if you want to put together a more casual, laid-back outfit. In my opinion, it pairs just as well with denim jeans, as it does with a long ball gown skirt and a chunky necklace or statement earrings!

Belted Shirt Skirt

belted oversized white shirt dress styling idea 2023

The reason why I love oversized shirts is that, as a petite woman, I can easily transform them into a dress. I never miss a chance to recreate one of my favorite (and dare I say, most scandalous) Carrie Bradshaw looks – the boyfriend shirt paired with Mr. Big’s Hermes belt! (For reference, take a look at the image below.)

carrie bradshaw white boyfriend shirt dress hermes belt

Corset Overlay

styling oversized white shirt corset belt blue denim

With the rising popularity of vintage fashion, corsets had a serious moment of revival in 2023! They’re actually a great alternative to the belted look that’s still going to give you a snatched waist but in a more playful and extravagant manner.

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