How to Upcycle Men’s Shirt ? 10+ Creative DIY Ideas

by Kristiyana

Many girls find that buying new clothes is a real pleasure. For me, it’s the recycling, or even the “upcycling” of old ones, that I find therapeutic! I hate throwing away garments because of a microscopic stain, a barely visible tear, etc. and I prefer to give them a new reason to live. So, every time my husband wants to retire an old shirt that he no longer likes, I get out the sewing machine and roll up my sleeves…

How to Upcycle Men’s Shirt? 12 Creative Projects & Ideas

how to make a men's shirt cute ideas for women

After seeing how to recycle jeans into a bag, what to do with an old men’s shirt? That’s the question for 1 million pounds! There are plenty of creative ideas for turning it into various items, including making a superb top, a tunic, or even a trendy summer dress! A child’s dress made from an old shirt? Yes, it’s possible! Some projects are even seamless, and the result is just as impressive. So, I’m sharing with you my favourite tutorials, as well as ten more ways to upcycle men’s shirt that I’ll try myself as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

How to Make an Off-the-Shoulder Tunic or Dress Out of a Men’s Shirt?

tutorial how to upcycle men's shirt to dress with bare shoulders step by step


Need a super sexy off-the-shoulder top or short summer dress? Upcycle men’shirt into a trendy tunic! It’s a lot simpler than you might think! To complete this easy DIY project, you will need:

  • Men’s shirt
  • Flat elastic band
  • Chalk or pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Round head pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Wooden chopsticks or a safety pin

upcycle old shirts into a trendy dress diy tutorial

Draw a line on the front of the shirt that goes from one shoulder to the other. Cut along the line to remove the top of the garment. Wrap the elastic band around your shoulders to determine the length you will need and cut it.

upcycle men's shirt ideas creative projects

Depending on the width of your elastic band, fold the top of your garment inward to create the hem of the gathered neckline and pin it in place. Sew along the bottom of the folded section to create a channel for the elastic.

upcycle men's shirt into dress

Source: Collectivegen

Using wooden sticks or a safety pin, thread the elastic through the slider until it comes out the other end, and sew the two ends of the band together. Roll up the sleeves to adjust their length and that’s it!

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Creative recycling idea: make a child’s dress out of an old shirt!

creative idea recycling old shirts cute little girl dress

You don’t even have to cut or sew to make a sexy top

photo tutorial upcycling old shirt into trendy bare shoulder dress

You can also tie the sleeves on the chest

upcycle men's shirt into ladies top

A great idea for an eco-friendly outfit to wear every day

upcycle old men's shirt into trendy bare shoulders heart neckline top

Upcycle Men’s Shirt Into Stunning Kitchen Accessories

upcycling sewing projects with men's shirts

Making a kitchen apron does not require any particular skill

upcycle men's shirt to apron

Tartan cuffs are transformed into designer napkin rings!

creative idea recycling old shirts into towels

Fashion Accessories Made from Men’s Shirts? Oh, Yes!

reuse old shirt diy jewelry accessories recycling creative ideas

The most experienced seamstresses can make a patchwork kimono from a men’s shirt!

creative idea recycling old shirts kimono patchwork

Overshirt bags in various patterns are practical and look stunning

how to upcycle old men's shirt into a shopping bad idea

A Little Something Eco-friendly for Babies and Children

creative ideas upcycling old men shirts into cute baby bibs

Nothing cuter than a teddy bear from Dad’s old shirt!

how to reuse old shirts cute ideas recycling creative


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