25 Wonderful DIY Ideas for a Christmas Decoration with Pine Cones

by Kristiyana

Symbol of fall and winter, pine cones are essential for seasonal decoration. These are natural materials that will save you money, but also reduce your carbon footprint. There are even more benefits, but let’s not waste time listing them here. Roll up your sleeves and recreate these 25 Christmas decorating ideas using pine cones.

Beautiful DIY Ideas for a Christmas Decoration with Pine Cones

christmas decoration with pine cones

It doesn’t take much to create a magical atmosphere in your home from the moment you enter. Take any scrap item and turn it into something beautiful and themed for the upcoming festive season. Take a look at the pine cones above, for example. Painted with acrylics, sprinkled with glitter, and decorated with golden garlands. Spread them throughout the house – in flower pots, in front of mirrors, on the table…

Christmas Centerpiece with Pine Cones

christmas centerpiece with pine cones


Here is another decoration idea that goes perfectly with Scandinavian and minimalist interiors. Take a tray and fill it with blanched pine cones. Next, add eucalyptus leaves and a few Christmas baubles. To create a trendy centerpiece, also consider adding a garland with lights.

Artistic DIY Door Wreath

easy diy with pine cones activity children adults artistic creative

This DIY Christmas wreath project really contrasts with the previous one. But if you are a fan of art, you will definitely enjoy it. Paint the pine cones you collected in colors that match your interior. In this case, we use spray paint, but you can also do it with acrylic paint. Then cut a ring out of cardboard and heat up your glue gun. Once ready, glue everything together. Add some old Christmas toys or dry leaves and hang it all on the door. Of course, you can also use it as a centerpiece. As you can see in the photo, you can use twine as well to tie all the pine cones together (if you don’t have a hot glue gun).

Adorable Pine Cone Elves

cute diy pine cone elves craft

Here’s a great idea for decoration your windowsill for Christmas. If you don’t know how to knit, just use old fabric to cut out and glue the hats of the elves.

Easy Pine Cone Christmas Garland

christmas wreath to make yourself with pine cones natural materials craft

How to make a pine cone garland? This job is a piece of cake. You need some string and some pine cones. Tie them securely one by one and for more glamour, surround them with a small LED garland. This is the perfect Christmas decoration for your balcony.

Christmas Tree Ornaments from Pine Cones

christmas tree ornaments with pine cones

For these charming DIY Christmas tree ornaments, you need foam and wooden figures. Of course, this is just an example. You can also glue porcelain toys, Fimo decorations or pompoms. Pine cones have the advantage of not getting damaged over time. So, once the holidays are over, store them in a shoebox and reuse them over the years.

Unique Christmas Decoration with Pine Cones

painting craft with pine cones diy easy fall winter craft

Here is an idea for a unique Christmas wall decoration with natural materials. To make it, you must first take a piece of cardboard. Then glue pine cones to form a tree. Decorate it with typical spices of the season such as star anise, cinnamon and dried citrus fruits.

Christmas Door Wreath with Pine Cones

door wreath with pine cones

And as the simplest ideas are often the best, we present to you yet another minimalist Christmas decoration. You can do this with just 3 items: pine cones, wooden sticks and leaves. The best woods for crafts are willow, salix, and saskatoon berry, because of their flexibility.

How to do create this pine cone decoration? Start by making a wreath with the sticks. Then use a small branch from an evergreen shrub (or dry leaves) to decorate just the bottom portion of the wreath. To do this, use a string. Then attach 3 pine cones to the center with hot glue. You need to glue them to the wooden wreath and not to the leaves.

Video Tutorial: 17 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you’re still looking for more ideas, check out this video with 17 super easy pine cone crafts.

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