Office Christmas Decorations 2023 – Bring the Holiday Spirit to Your Workplace on a Budget!

by Stephanie Yankova

Can you feel the Christmas spirit in the air? You know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to give our home and work spaces a seasonal makeover! To take some weight off your shoulders, we’ve created a list of office Christmas decorations that will help you create a fun and festive atmosphere for everyone! Is there anything in particular you should take into consideration or avoid? We’ll let you know all about that, too! 

office christmas decoration seasonal wreath

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and our anticipation grows daily! To celebrate one of the most joyful holidays of the year, we often go to great lengths to decorate our homes in an astounding attention-grabbing way. However, we shouldn’t neglect our office either. After all, that’s where some of us spend most of our weekdays, right? Whether it’s a small Christmas tree, a wreath, or ambient lights to help put you in a festive mood, office Christmas decorations are bound to keep you in high spirits, and even increase productivity!

Office Christmas Decorations: What to Look Out For?

decorating the office with christmas fairy lights

They may not always say it out loud, but many employees would like to have a jolly atmosphere in the office during the Christmas season. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s encouraged! However, there are a few things you should be mindful of. First and foremost, you need to get permission from your boss, especially if you’ve never done such a thing before! We don’t want to have our Christmas spirit crushed by an unwanted scolding or penalty, right?

decorating houseplants office christmas ideas

What may seem like innocent decoration, can sometimes cause more trouble than expected. For example, the fairy lights cables can be a trip hazard for the clumsy ones. Some Christmas candles have a pretty strong scent, which can cause severe headaches for some employees, and hence affect productivity negatively.

small christmas tree meeting room office winter decoration ideas

Also, bear in mind that too many candles pose a fire hazard, especially if you have a poor ventilation system, if you have one at all. It’s important to comply with health and safety regulations and keep all escape routes clear at all times, as well.

Easy Ideas for Christmas Decorations for the Office

mini office desk christmas decorations faux diy snowman small wrapped gift

Your boss has given you the green light, and you’ve made yourself familiar with all the relevant regulations? Fantastic! Now it’s time to move on to the fun part! Let’s get your creative juices flowing and help you bring the Christmas spirit into the office with a couple of easy decoration ideas.

The Christmas Tree is a Must

minimalist office christmas decor fairy lights candles

Regardless of whether you’re decorating your home or the office, you simply can’t have a Christmas without a Christmas tree! It doesn’t have to be a huge one either. In fact, why not gather your colleagues and take a longer coffee break to decorate it together? For a minimalist appearance choose ornaments in an earthy monochromatic color palette. Finish off by adding LED fairy lights for a cozy ambient atmosphere and the joyful seasonal mood is set!

decorating the office poinsettia christmas plant

If you don’t have enough space, or the rest of the team isn’t too keen on having a Christmas tree, you can opt for a smaller one and place it on your desk. The Poinsettia plant is another great alternative, especially if you want to add a pop of color to your workplace.

Christmas Lights

fairylight lanterns easy diy office christmas decoration

There’s no better way to liven up the office than adding some festive atmospheric lighting. Let’s see what’s the best way to do that!

simple scandinavian style christmas table arrangement

Create a beautiful decoration for your desk using a ceramic plate, a couple of pine cones, decorative Christmas trees, and a few candles.

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diy christmas table arrangement decoration

You can buy or make a Christmas centerpiece with seasonal ornaments such as Christmas baubles, garlands, pine cones, and a candle.

minimalist gift wrapping idea decoration ideas for the office

If you have some empty cardboard boxes lying around the office you can get some wrapping paper and create faux gifts. Place them underneath plant pots, or the Christmas tree if you have one, for a more festive atmosphere.

light up christmas star window decoration

If you have large windows with wide windowsills or adjacent cupboards, you can illuminate your office by placing beautiful Christmas star lights on them! They are truly effective in the afternoon when the sun sets. If you want to create a cozy and home-like atmosphere in your workplace, this is a great way to achieve the desired result! What’s more, people looking from the outside will also get to enjoy your festive office decoration!

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Decorations with Pine Branches

diy office conference room meetings table christmas decoration

The conference room is usually one of the busiest spaces in the office apart from the desk areas, so it feels appropriate to give it a little festive touch, too! You can create a stunning centerpiece using faux pine branches LED lights, and a couple of candles in suitable Christmas colors.

christmas tabletop centerpiece with candles

Instead of making an Advent wreath, you can opt for this smaller centerpiece with a more minimalist and modern appearance.

Door Wreaths

christmas wreath office door decoration

A timeless classic – the Christmas wreath. Hang one on your office door to create an inviting festive atmosphere for everyone who enters the room!

diy pine cones christmas wreath

 If you choose to decorate your own wreath you can collect pine cones and glue them on it with hot glue, and some faux berries, and finish off with snow spray.

Paper Christmas Decorations

paper christmas stars easy diy project office decoration

Are you interested in taking a more minimalist DIY approach to the Christmas decoration of your office? These paper stars will make the perfect addition to a space with a modern interior design and bring a festive spirit without being too much on the nose!

artistic greeting cards office christmas decoration ideas

A great way to bond with your colleagues over the Holidays is by gifting each other a nice Christmas card! Even if they haven’t had the time to get some decorations for their desk, this will be enough to keep them in good spirits while counting down the days to the Christmas celebration!

paper bag advent calendar secret santa office christmas ideas

Do you do Secret Santa in your office? If the answer is ‘yes’, here’s an idea for how to turn the annual gift exchange into a fun little game. Have each member of your office team place their gift in a paper bag with a random number on it. Then, write all the numbers on separate pieces of paper, fold them, and put them in a bowl. Each one of your colleagues will have to take a number from the bowl and whichever bag corresponds to the number they’ve drawn will be their present!

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