Candy cane hairstyle: Festive hairstyles for her, inspired by the Christmas spirit!

by Anjelina

Winter holidays like Christmas and New Year fill us with a lot of positive energy, the desire to create, decorate, spend time with family. We often find more time to pay attention to our appearance, too. As women, we are excited to choose our outfits for the holidays, do our winter manicure and look for makeup ideas. When it comes to our hair, we also like to experiment and try different hairstyles. Recently, inspired by the spirit and atmosphere of Christmas, women have decided to put a festive touch in their hair, too. We are talking about the popular candy cane hairstyle. Let’s take a closer look at them!

What is a candy cane hairstyle?

candy cane hairstyle holiday inspired look long blonde hair red and green hair extensions

As the name suggests, these hairstyles are inspired by the iconic Christmas candy canes! These sweet red and white sticks, inextricably linked to Christmastide, are the inspiration for the hairstyles of little and big girls alike! The ways in which such a festive hairstyle can be achieved are many. We will show you a few of them. We’ll start with hairstyles for little girls, and then continue with a few trendy candy cane hairstyles for adults. Without wasting any more time – let’s get started!

Candy cane hairstyle for children

creative christmas hairstyle for children ponytails with white and red ribbon


If you have a little daughter or a niece, why not surprise her by giving her a festive hairstyle for Christmas? Little girls get excited about how they look too and are often delighted when they are taken to the hairdresser! Remember the days when you were a child too! Of course you know what we’re talking about! Don’t deprive the child of this pleasure, but make sure to give them the best possible memories, emotions and time spent with you! Here are some tips on how to make a candy cane inspired hairstyle!

Candy cane accessories for hair

candy cane hair clip for girls candy cane hairstyle for children and adults cute hairstyle

You probably love to play with your little girl’s hair, make her braids, bun, tie it in a ponytail. In fact, you can do her favorite hairstyle and just add some hair accessory with the colors of candy cane. There are clips on the market that are in the shape of a candy cane. You can clip one on either side of the hair and that will be enough for a cute festive look! Another option is to look for hair scrunchies in white and red stripes and tie a high ponytail on your child! This is also a very, very good idea for a candy cane inspired hairstyle!

Candy cane braided hairstyle

braided hairstyle for little girls candy cane ribbon attached to the hair cute festive look

Another candy cane hairstyle idea for little girls involves your good braiding skills! Kids really love having their hair braided because it doesn’t get in the way when they play! And they feel beautiful, too! Ask for your child’s favorite braid (you can experiment with where it starts). Once you’re done braiding, comes the most interesting part, namely, adding white and red ribbons to the braid. For this, you will need a craft needle (or Topsy tail). Use it to thread both ribbons under the braid (lay them together). Tie the ribbon in a little knot to secure it in place at the beginning. Then continue twisting the ribbon around the braid using the craft needle. Another idea is to insert the ribbon as you are braiding – this is also an option.

Candy cane hairstyle for adults

trendy 2022 christmas hairstyle for her long ash blonde hair with red highlights

Many young women love hair experiments, and the holidays encourage them even more, as we have already mentioned to you. More and more often, we see pictures of beautiful hairstyles that are inspired by Christmas candy canes. But unlike hairstyles for children, where we mainly rely on accessories and ribbons to create this effect, young women decide to completely change their hair color. That’s right! With a few visits to the hairdresser, the hair takes on lovely light and reddish shades!

Styling options and techniques

candy cane ombre technique hairstyle trendy 2022 curled extreme color fusion

Once the desired combination of hair colors is achieved, the styling possibilities are endless. From pretty buns, to braids, or straightened hair, blow-dried, half up half down hairstyles – anything goes, as the main focus is the hair color itself. It is the festive note in the whole hairstyle! Recently, candy cane ombré options have been appearing as well, with the most common hair color being dark or cherry red as it gradually transitions into lighter shades until it reaches ash blonde. When curled, the effect of the color fusion is even more pleasing to the eye!

Cute and simple idea with a scrunchie

cute hairstyle with a scrunchie half up half down christmas hairstyle for her

If you’re not the kind of girl who would change her hair color so drastically, we might recommend using cute hair accessories. For example, scrunchies with white and red stripes (which are associated with candy canes), can become a great and very subtle accent. Curl the ends of your hair slightly and gather all the hair from above your temples and section it off. Next, secure the hair with a scrunchie. Pinch and pull the crown to create lots of volume. Simple as that, you’ve got yourself a great hairstyle for the holidays!

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