Jewelry trends 2023: How to wear them like a true fashion icon?

by Gabby

When it comes to fashion, you already know that everything is making a big comeback from the past. Also, the year 2023 will be a year of experimentation and finding your own style. Whether more simple or extravagant, you determine how to look like a true fashion icon. It will be the same with the jewelry! For 2023, they are shaping up to be big, empowering, and very inspiring. If you have never worn statement pieces before, maybe next year is the chance to try something out! What are the jewelry trends 2023? What would be the perfect way to match your outfits with them? I have some of the best suggestions today!

Jewelry trends 2023: What to wear like a true fashionista?

jewelry trends 2023 what to wear next year in style fashion inspiration kylie jenner bottega veneta silver earrings

How to boost your self-confidence and make your outfit complete and perfect? You already know the answer! Adding jewelry can give your clothes basically a new life. If you have a simple old t-shirt that you love wearing, adding trendy earnings can make it look like you just purchased it from the store. There are many things to take into consideration when you are choosing jewelry. Some people prefer gold, other silver and some like to wear something with lots of colors. Also, you can learn more on what goes with your skin tone. As I already mentioned, 2023 will be the year when you can experiment and think outside the box. These Bottega Veneta earrings that miss Kylie Jenner is wearing became a big hit among celebrities and Instagram models. They are bulky and big, but so trendy, because they make your face features look enhanced. Let’s see what other trends you can discover for 2023!

Cocktail rings

cocktail rings trends 2023 how to wear them what does it mean history fashion stylish


Cocktail rings date way back in time when women used them to give out statements. Their history is so empowering! Women used to wear them after World War II, to show that they are independent, and they can buy their own big jewelry. Now they are back, and we saw them a lot on the runway for the Spring Fashion show. Don’t get confused with the name! Even though they are called cocktail rings, in 2023 you can wear them on daily basis. Remember, get creative and experiment!

Jewelry trends 2023: Scarf-like long necklaces

jewelry trends 2023 zara long necklace scarf how to be trendy and look chic stunning pieces party outfits

These long necklaces will be the “it girl” moment in 2023! Zara reseated these in silver, gold, and even in different colors. They are affordable, but look so expensive and shiny, just like from the fashion magazines! You can wear a simple long black dress and just put one of these on. You will have the perfect outfit for a night out, or New Year’s Eve party! For a complete look, you can match the necklace with earrings that are in the same category of shiny and absolutely stunning!

Cuff bracelets

cuff bracelets jewelry trends how to wear them and look fashionable chic gold and silver

I remember my mom used to have a few of these bracelets way back in time. Then I did not understand what was the hype, but they are now back, and I love it. You are wearing a suit to work? Put one of these over the sleeve of your blazer, and you will see how that will change the entire outfit! You can find them in silver, gold, shiny or matte. The most trendy thing for year 2023 will be layering them and wearing not just one of the cuff bracelets, but many.

Silver jewelry is back!

bella hadid silver necklace hoops trendy 2023 how to be in style ideas inspiration

I’ll admit it, I am more of a gold kind of girl, but seeing these beautiful silver jewelry trends may change my mind. Silver is here and for the 2023, most of your favorite celebrities will be wearing it. Big silver hoops, or chunky silver earrings will be the top choice for spring 2023. The rule here is the bigger, the better! Bella Hadid is one of our silver queens, and she wore it a lot on the runway this year. This type of jewelry look very futuristic, modern and at the same time chic. If you want to go simple, but still look trendy, try adapting one of these looks for next year! There are also very good tricks to learn on how to clean your silver, so it will look like new every time!

Shoulder skimming earrings

shoulder skimming earrings trends 2023 bella hadid emily rataijkowski emrata how to wear jewelry

Earrings that reach your shoulder are one of the trends in 2023 that can be worn in different ways. Whether you prefer boho style jewelry, or something more clean and simple like pearls, you will look remarkable wearing these earrings! You can wear them like Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid, with your hair up, or hair down if you prefer. If neither of the boho and pearls is your cup of tea, you can wear shoulder-length earnings with rhinestones.

Collar necklace

gigi hadid jewelry inspiration collar necklace pearls trendy chic how to look like a fashionista

Pearls are a statement of femininity, but they are not the main focus now. Collar necklaces are going to be worn in the fashion world of 2023! You can find them chunky, gold, silver, pearled or with rhinestones. How to wear them? If you are feeling bold, you can try what Gigi Hadid is doing. Wear a suit, lace bra underneath and a big collar necklace! Or you can wear it with a simple dress, or over a polo sweater.

Other jewelry trends 2023 to try out

hailey bieber jewelry trend rhinestone necklace with emerald green diamonds chic stunning inspiration

Long shoulder-length earrings

long shoulder lenght earrings emrata emily ratajkowski how to be trendy and chic in 2023 fashion runway show

Jumbo Pearls 

jumbo pearls emily ratajkowski emrata trends in 2023 how to be in style tips and tricks

Rhinestone long rings

rhinestone rings long new years eve outfit ideas trends for 2023 how to be in style

Chunky silver heart necklace

big chunky silver heart necklace trends 2023 stunning art how to look trendy and chic fashion inspiration

Cuff bracelets  

cuff bracelets in style for 2023 trends fashion runway gold very chic

Big sequins hoops 

big sequins hoops gigi hadid fashion show runway model jewelry trends 2023

Zara silver brooch

silver brooch trends 2023 zara wear it in style with a sweater or a suit

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