Shoe Trend 2023-2024: How to Wear Clogs in Winter without Freezing?

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Clogs? In winter?! Are you crazy?!?! Or just very fashionable? Don’t let the cold weather stop you from dressing and expressing yourself according to the latest trends! If you have a pair of clogs you love or are planning to buy one, we have the guide for you! Here’s how to wear clogs in winter with style!

The History of Clogs… And Why Are They Trendy?

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Did you know, according to Sandgrensclogs, that clogs have been worn as protective footwear for centuries? They play an important role in folklore, particularly in Japan and Sweden, and were worn by common people. Additionally, once people wore them, they used them as firewood to keep warm in winter. However, we do not recommend them at this time! The original clogs were made of wood. And while it may not seem like a very comfortable idea, it’s actually quite sustainable! Although it was farmers who benefited the most from these shoes, they became a real fashion statement in the 1970s. The hippie movement was reflected in fashion by the wearing of warm, comfortable clothing and footwear. And it seems that clogs were the perfect shoes to complete the hippie style. In recent years, we’ve seen more trends emerge from the 70s, 80s and 90s. And since clogs were very fashionable back then, they’re back in style in 2023! Their style is traditional, but they go very well with contemporary fashion! So why not make them part of your outfit?

Can You Wear Clogs in Winter and Why?

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As old trends come back into fashion, it’s no surprise to see more trendy women wearing clogs in 2024. Here are a few reasons to make them part of your personal style:

  • They are versatile. Clogs can be worn with both casual and elegant outfits. Since they are closed and there are many warm and different models on the market, you can dare to wear them in winter and not freeze!
  • Clogs have extra insulation. There are winter clogs and summer clogs. Summer clogs are lighter and made of more breathable material. On the other hand, winter clogs keep your feet warm!
  • They are different! Wearing clogs in winter is all about fashion! They come in many fluffy and colorful designs that will complement your outfit and make you look exceptionally trendy!
  • They are very easy to clean. Since clogs are made of sturdy material, simply brush off the mud or wipe them with a damp towel. And they will be like new!
  • The soles of many clogs are made of a special material that prevents them from slipping! This means you can wear them without worrying about slipping and falling if there’s snow outside!
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How to Wear Clogs in Winter?

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On the one hand, if you live in a warmer climate and winters are milder, that means you have more options for pairing your clogs with your outfit! You can wear them with asymmetrical dresses and socks and a cute bomber jacket! Combine casual and elegant and you will look totally fashionable!

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On the other hand, for a casual daytime outing (a meeting at a café or a walk in the city), you can freely wear them with slim jeans, a winter jacket and a hat! Don’t forget to accessorize with sunglasses and a trendy handbag!

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If you like sportswear, you can combine them with your leggings! For a more casual, yet stylish look, choose black leggings with a black shirt and pair them with a white jacket, white handbag,  white headband and, of course, silky white clogs!

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If you want to embrace the hippie style, choose clothes with bold patterns. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different bright colors! Sleeveless cardigans are very fashionable at the moment! You can choose one in a fun, colorful pattern and pair it with jeans and a white shirt to add more versatility to your outfit.

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Choose the Right Clogs for Winter

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If you want to wear clogs in winter, you have to be picky about the models! Not all clogs are suitable for the cold and humidity that characterize the months of December, January and February! Opt for clogs that are known to be robust. This means good insulation, a closed toe and water-resistant material. They must also be non-slip so you don’t slip and fall on the snow! We advise you to opt for shoes with very thick soles, or even large wedge soles, so that snow cannot penetrate your feet in bad weather.

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Clogs and Socks: The Duo to Face Winter in Style

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Since clogs are quite open, they cannot be worn without socks in winter… For obvious reasons! So pair them with high wool or cashmere socks. Choose socks of different colors and patterns and try to match them with your outfit to look more fashionable. However, we do not recommend wearing clogs in very harsh and cold conditions, because they are quite open! Wear them when the temperature is above 33F/0C and the weather is nice. This way, more people will be able to admire your original, trendy outfit!

Photo Gallery: Outfit Ideas with Trendy Clogs 2023-2024

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Which outfit with women’s clogs 2023-2024 is your favorite?

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How to wear clogs with a skirt?

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Wearing clogs to the office: yes or no? We say YES!

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Women’s clogs 2023-2024 trend

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