Discover the 70s Fashion Trends That We Shall See Everywhere In 2023!

by Kremy

1970s remain one of the most interesting periods in fashion. Actually, many experts characterize the period as years of creative disorder, because during this decade there was no specific style in fashion. Yet, this was the time of hippie and boho, disco and ethno, sport-chic and safari and thanks to the versatility of these retro styles, we see a massive 70s fashion trends return.

70s Fashion Trends That Are at the Peak of Popularity In 2023

discover the 70s fashion trends that we shall see everywhere in 2023

It was during the 1970s when women began to combine the basic elements and create original outfits. Sounds familiar, right? Capsule wardrobe is nothing new! This decade gave us a lot of things that we are happy to wear even now. The return of the ’70s is more than obvious in hairstyle, shoes and of course, in fashion. Let’s have a look at the 70s fashion trends that are super popular now!

Flared Pants and Jeans

flared pants and jeans 1970s fashion trends


Flared pants and jeans are certainly one of the main symbols of 70’s fashion trends. Extravagant, eye-catching, yet stylish, these pants are popular because they give an elegant silhouette and balance the proportions of the body.

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A-Line Mini, Midi and Maxi Skirts

mini skirts 70s inspired fashion outfits

A-line mini skirts, popular in the 1970s, are trendy again. If you want a more authentic look, choose a skirt with buttons in front. Pleated skirts were also trendy and the length varies from mini to midi.

70s Fashion Trends – The Mini Dress

70s fashion trends the mini dress

The charming mini dresses also send us back to 1970s fashion. If the mini is your style, do not hesitate to wear them. Otherwise, you can complement the short model with pants, using the dress as a tunic.

70s Safari Jacket

70s safari jacket trend 2023

The safari style that appeared in 1920s became popular in the 1970s. In fact, it has never lost its popularity, but today its elements have become especially relevant. In a modern reading, this jacket has kept the silhouette and the waist belt and patch pockets are its iconic details.

1970s Hippie Fashion Is Trending Again

1970s hippie fashion is trending again

It was the hippies who brought into fashion ethnic motifs, colorful prints and floral motifs. The mix & match trend also has its origins in the 1970s hippie fashion when girls combine different ethnic motifs.

Boho Chic Dresses

boho chic dresses fashion trends 2023

The long, flowing, feminine dresses are truly gorgeous, and we gladly welcome their return. Nowadays Boho chic dresses feature natural shades and diverse prints.



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