C Cut With Curtain Bangs: Frame Your Face In The Most Flattering Way!

by Gabby

Have you heard about the trendy C cut hairstyle? Why am I even asking?! Of course, you know what I’m talking about! There are a lot of trends going on right now, so I am going to remind you. The haircut became famous thanks to our favorite Jennifer Aniston and the way the layers of here cut are framing her face in the most flattering way possible! Hairstyles with layers are super popular right now and even ladies with short hair are running to the salons and asking for them! Speaking of face-framing… Let me introduce you to another way of wearing the trendy hairstyle – C cut with curtain bangs!

C cut with curtain bangs: Frame your face in the most flattering way possible!

c cut with curtain bangs face framing hairstyle ideas 2023

What is the C cut hairstyle? You can easily distinguish it because of the layers that are inward and kind of imitating the letter “C”, this is where the name is coming from. You can see a lot of fashionistas wearing it and showing off on Instagram and Pinterest, or TikTok. Are you a fan of the TV Show Friends? Then you are probably familiar with “The Rachel” haircut that became super famous and trendy. Well, this hairstyle is a contemporary version of it. If you choose to try it out, your hair will definitely look longer and thicker because of the layers and the movement. But how does the well-known C cut looks with curtain bangs? Our Deavita girl, Amelie, already took the plunge and came with this hairdo today! Now, let’s check other ideas!

c cut with curtain bangs hairstyle trends 2023 blonde highlights


C cut with curtain bangs: Hairstyle with layers 2023

how to wear curtain bangs in 2023

If you have medium-long or long hair, this hairstyle can really be life-changing! Also for the ladies who have really thick hair, the hairdo will help you get rid of the extra weight. In fact, if your hair feels heavy because of the thickness, this can sometime lead to damaging the roots which can lead to hair loss. To prevent that, cut layers and enjoy a trendy hairstyle that will make you stand out! This cut will offer you a lot of movement and volume that we all want so that our hair can look healthy and shiny. When it comes to the hair type, it doesn’t matter if you have straight, wavy or curly hair. You can adapt this hairdo with ease.

Now, let’s talk about the curtain bangs. Forget what everybody is saying and that this type of fringe needs a lot of upkeep. If you look amazing with it, why not take the risk? The benefits are much more and the main thing to consider is that curtain bangs go with every face shape. In combination with the layers that the C cut is offering, you will look incredible without a doubt!

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Other C cut with curtain bangs

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C cut hairstyle with curtain bangs for wavy hair

curtain bangs jennifer aniston haircut 2023

C cut hairstyle with bangs 2023

c hairstyle jennifer aniston haircut face framing curtain bangs 2023

Voluminous curve cut with curtain bangs

c haircut 2023 face framing hairstyle baleyage layers


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